Utah A Bike Trip

A roadtrip by the team at Deers Leap Bikes - Arizona and Utah November 2017

Tully Reynolds - The Whole Enchilada

Burro Pass - the start of the downhill on The Whole Enchilada

Steve - chilly on The Whole Enchilada

The Slickrock

Bartlett Wash slickrock, Moab

Bartlett Wash, Moab

Tully on Porcupine Rim

Starting the downhill after the big slog up - Porcupine Rim

The Slickrock Trail, Moab - maybe the world's most famous bike ride?

Getaway, Moab

Getting ready at Getaway, Moab

Driving through Monument Valley

Dust of the desert - along with cactus thorns, a constant presence

Bikescape, Sedona

The Highline Trail, Sedona, Arizona has a fierce reputation but is mostly a beautiful trail with spectacular views over the red sandstone scenery. Just the occasional bit of walking..!

Getting bikes ready from the last ride featured heavily in our time commitment - the parking lot became a familiar place

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