5AJ CYBER-BULLYING BY ALEX R How can you get rid of it?

Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that takes place over the internet and nowadays is a lot easier to encounter. This is why reading this may help you to deal with cyber bullying and will inform/tell you how to deal with cyber bullying. It is essential to read this if you want your self to benefit from the fact you that you know what to do if cyber bullying comes YOUR way.

There are usually 5 different types of cyber bullying that place over the internet. They are commonly known as...

1. Harassment

This involves a bully sending malicious or rude messages to an individual or a group of people the bullies know cannot defend themselves. Cyber stalking is a type of cyber bullying where the bullies continue to threaten or 'diss' you. This can lead to violence in the real world.


Outing is the form of cyber bullying where the bully sends inappropriate, private Emails or messages to others who then make them public. Somebody becomes outed when their information has been spread across the internet.

Make sure you are not the one making others feel this way.


Masquerading is a form of bullying where the bully makes a fake identity to annoy and harass the victim. This leads to the bully sending malicious messages to you and you will not know how or WHO it is and HOW to react!


Flaming is a form of bullying that is VERY similar to harassment but takes place over chat rooms and Email and involves harsh language.


Exclusion is the deliberate act of excluding somebody online. Whether it's via Xbox live, Whatsapp, Chat rooms, instagram or Facebook exclusion is still a form of cyberbullying and frowned upon in many societies.



there are always PEOPLE who ARE LOOKING OUT FOR YOU.

Tell somebody what is happening - they will help!


by Alex Year 5

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