Oregon Spotted Frog how do we save the oregon spotted frog?!

Have you ever imagined a world without frogs? If not then take a minute and imagine it. Did anything change? Well I think there might be more then you think that will change.

90% of the Oregon spotted frogs are disappearing. Why? cytrid, cytrid is a disease that spreads really fast and can wipe out a population of frogs in a month. there are many more ways like climate change, habitat loss, competitions between frogs, and non-native species

As you can see frogs are in the middle of this food web if the frogs go extincted everything will change some will adapt but the population will shrink but then some populations will grow because the frogs are not there to eat them.

But, we can help them! we can save the frogs! If you see a frog what should you do? stop using chemicals that can cause more pollution try to do anything to help pollution by raising awareness about the problem or going to this website: http://www.savethefrogs.com/

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