Powder A reveiw made by kara marsh

"Powder", directed by Victor Salva, (who has made other movies in the horror genre such as the Jeepers Creepers series and Dark House,) is the story of an albino teenager named "Jeremy "Powder" Reed", that was found abanded in his parents basement. When he tries to reconnect with society, he is not welcomed by others. In his desperate attempt to be "normal" his unbelievable powers get in the way.

Jeremy "Powder" Reed


Powder was filmed in Praire Veiw, Texas in 1995. Though the area of the filming process held no relevance to the movie. The filming crew did want a small country town though, no place with too much excitement, and Praire Veiw was just the place.

Praire Veiw

The characters storyboard and development tie in quite nicely with the overall story. Actors really expressed emotions and actions, all lines and tones completely believable. The main character sprouts many relationships, including close friends, enemies, and acquaintances.

Jeremy and his new friend,

Overall writing and the transitions are very well done. Scenes are written clearly enough to get the point across, but may take a few seconds afterwards to fully understand what has just happened. For example, there is a scene in the movie where Jeremy is walking through the woods, then hears a shot ring out the the woods. When he stumbles upon the source of the shot, he sees that one of his bullies has killed a deer with a gun, but the deer was still struggling. Jeremy notices the deers pain and suddenly grabs his bully by his arm, and the shooter is suddenly in great amounts of pain. After seconds Jeremy lets go of his arm, the man is shocked and still in some sort of pain, but there isn't a scratch on him.

Dialogue is unique to each character, certain characters speaking in different ways. In conclusion the characters, writing, and acting go together perfectly to make the movie enjoyable and believable.

The plot of Powder could be portrayed as "cheesy" since it could be related to the whole "Everyone one is different and shouldn't judge by their physical appearance, because they could do great things one day". But Powder takes this stereotyipical theme and twists it with fantasy and mystery.

Powder can't be really compared to other movies, this one being quite original. Though if you spread the movie thin enough, it could be compared to Dream Catcher. Though Dream Catcher is about aliens, and is a horror/fiction movie, the characters can relate.

Douglas as a kid.

Jeremy is misunderstood by his appearance, so is Douglas, a mentally handicapped kid seen in Dream Catcher. Jeremy and Douglas both make their friends realize the true importantace of trusting others and making positive changes in their life's.

In conclusion, Powder is one of the best films I've ever seen, and exceeds beyond expectations, and keeps you interested the whole time. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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