Utah Outliers The stand out program for the stand out player

Many hockey players struggle to determine which junior team will offer them the training environment, winning culture, and advantages needed to achieve their goals. The Utah Outliers have a proven development model and winning tradition that transforms players to stand out, win, and advance their hockey careers.

The Utah Outliers name was inspired by the book “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell.

An 'outlier' describes someone who is dramatically different in value and stands out from the majority. Research confirms that high achievers are the beneficiaries of specific factors that create 'accumulative advantages' that drive their success and opportunities. This, in turn, creates an 'outlier effect.'

Table of Contents

  1. Player-Driven Philosophy
  2. Total Player Development
  3. Outliers Hockey Training Center
  4. Arena and Amenities
  5. Advantages Matter
  6. Player Advancement
  7. Coaching Staff
  8. USPHL
  9. Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. Team Fun
  11. Coming Soon: New event center
  12. Contact Info

Player-Driven Philosophy

Each season, the three goals for our players are:

Transform players' talents and build men of character

Win the league championship

Advance players to higher levels of junior, college, and professional hockey.

Each player is at the forefront of the Utah Outliers' program, leading to individual and team success. Each players' success is the result of our unique culture, intensity of training, and commitment to excellence.

Total Player Development

Each players' growth is facilitated by the Utah Outliers holistic ‘Total Player Development’ model that encompasses the person, athlete, and the team. By focusing on the player as a whole, players are transformed to stand out, win, and advance their hockey careers.

Players are inspired to become champions in every aspect of their lives.

Utah Outliers Training Center

Outliers Hockey Training Center

A major part of your development and standing out is the quality and quantity of your off-ice training. With the Outliers, you’ll train daily with our staff of strength and conditioning coaches in our own exclusive 8,000 sq. ft. Outliers Hockey Training Center. You’ll have a competitive advantage over other junior hockey players by having complete access to our fully-equipped weight room, grass turf, synthetic ice, cardio conditioning area, boxing space, and film room.

Your targeted season of training with our staff of professionals allows you to take your game and physical athleticism to the next level and transform your abilities. Research proves that a better athlete equals a better hockey player.

There are five main features to our training center:

Synthetic Ice (shooting, stickhandling, hockey skills)

Sports Turf (speed, agility, plyometrics, athleticism)

Weight Rom (strength and power)

Boxing Stations (hand/eye coordination and confidence)

Film Room (analysis, hockey IQ)

Arena and Amenities

The Acord Ice Center is the home rink for the Utah Outliers. Our arena features an Olympic size ice sheet, concession area, pro shop and lobby with seating and big screen TV. The ice rink has the capacity to hold 1,000 spectators. The Acord is conveniently located in close proximity to lodging, restaurants, shopping centers and tourist attractions.

Annual Teddy Bear Toss for charity

Players of the Outliers enjoy the convenience and comfort of their own dedicated locker room at the Acord which is equipped with individual player lockers, big screen TV, sound system, washer/dryer, skate sharpener, coaches area and full size showers and bathroom.

Pre-game set up

Players are able to fully mentally and physically prepare for competition with all the amenities they may need before and during each game. This includes but is not limited to skate sharpening, stick and sock tape, first aid, tools for equipment adjustments, in-game film analysis, athletic trainer and equipment manager access, healthy snacks and more. Players who are prepared have optimal performance.

Traveling for Outliers' players is comfortable, convenient and luxurious with the team's own state-of-the-art bus. Amenities available on the club's luxury Setra bus include spacious seating for up to 55 passengers, large overhead storage areas, multiple TV monitors, fully equipped stereo system, WiFi, and a bathroom. Players have the convenience of being picked up at their home rink, the Acord arena, for all road trips and various team activities.

Advantages Matter

As a player for the Utah Outliers, you will not only enjoy one of the best Junior hockey experiences in North America, but with hard work and dedication, your accumulative advantages will make you stand out. With our clear vision, a specific set of beliefs, a distinct set of values, and unique culture, the Utah Outliers transforms players to stand out, win, and advance their hockey careers.

  • Professional hockey staff
  • Team strength and conditioning coaches
  • 8,000 sq. ft. private team training center
  • Five on-ice practices per week
  • Five off-ice training sessions per week
  • Weekly team and individual film analysis
  • Highlight packages for each player sent to college and professional teams
  • Proven player advancement
  • Team dedicated locker room
  • Luxury team bus
  • Equipment manager
  • Medical and orthopedic staff

Player Advancement

Many players don't get the support and connections they need to advance their hockey careers. Our staff takes a proactive approach and works hard on behalf of our athletes to connect them with higher-level programs. As an Outlier, you can be confident that you will get the necessary personalized support to have the right people see you at the right time so that you can advance in your hockey career.

Our staff has an extensive network of relationships with Junior, college and pro coaches in the industry and have years of experience working with coaches from the USHL, BCHL, NAHL, NCDC, CHL, NCAA and professional leagues, including the NHL.

Chris Schutz – UMass Lowell, NCAA Div. 1 Men's Hockey

"Paul Taylor has been one of the most influential coaches of my career. His training methods were everything that I needed to get to the next level. His philosophy on training and development really helped me to gain more confidence in my game. Not only does he help you with on-ice and off-ice skills, but he also instills good traits to help you become a more complete person as well as a complete player. He really cares for his players and I had a great time playing for him.”

Jake Papesh - Bethel University, NCAA Div III Men's Hockey

"I am glad to say that going to play for the Outliers was one of the best decisions of my life. The training center where the team workouts every day is one of the best in all of Junior hockey. This is paired with an hour and a half of intense on-ice practice each day. These two things do not make a great Junior team though. What makes the Outliers is the team’s unbelievable staff. Coach Taylor and his staff truly do everything they can to help you succeed and move you onto the next level. Coach Taylor is continuously trying to make all of his players better as he spends hours looking over game film and showing us the areas of our game that are growing and still need improving. Without this coaching staff I would not have had so many offers to play NCAA hockey. From the ownership to the coaches, this is a first class organization and I am happy to have had the opportunity to play here."

Viktor Tyutchenko - Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs, Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL)

“Playing for the Outliers was a great experience. The team has great training facilities and that helped me improve my game. I was very impressed with the coaching, practices and professionalism of the organization. I am happy they helped me get a professional contract with a team in the SPHL."

Alex Puurunen - SK Lejon Hockey Club - HockeyEttan

"I had a great time playing with the Outliers organization. I was impressed with the level of development I received and it was a great opportunity to experience life in the USA. Everything with the Outliers was first class and I am very happy I made the decision to play in Utah. My game improved a lot over the course of the season and that helped me grow my confidence to be a more effective professional player.”

Coaching Staff

Paul Taylor, Head Coach

Coach Paul Taylor is a native of Vancouver, Canada who brings his successful experience as a Junior hockey coach to the Utah Outliers. Taylor was a two time All Star while playing Junior hockey in Canada in the BCHL. While playing Junior A, Taylor received a hockey scholarship to Northern Michigan University where he was honored with receiving the ‘Freshman of the Year’ award. He went on to play hockey professionally for seven years in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Taylor previously coached in the Western States Hockey League for 8 seasons. His teams consistently ranked in the top of the league standings, winning multiple division titles and making several WSHL Thorne Cup appearances. In addition to his team success, Taylor has helped a great number of players advance to tier 1 Junior, college and professional hockey.

Kevin McCloskey, Director of Operations / Assistant Coach

Kevin McCloskey was born and raised in Washington D.C. At the age of 15, Kevin moved to Toronto, Canada to play Junior hockey. During his Junior career, Kevin was selected to play for Team USA in the first World Junior Championships that was hosted in Czechoslovakia. Later that same year, Kevin was selected 61st overall in the 1977 NHL Entry Draft by the Minnesota North Stars. Kevin played four seasons of professional hockey.

After his playing career, Kevin stayed involved in working with youth and Junior hockey at various levels as well as participating in numerous USA Hockey selection camps. Kevin moved to Utah in 2014 and has been instrumental in building the Outliers program. He serves as an Assistant Coach and the Director of Hockey Operations.

Eric Verdi, Assistant Coach

Eric Verdi is from Long Island, NY and began playing hockey at the age of 11. Although getting a later start in the sport, Eric was determined to push himself so he could play college hockey. Eric's early years found himself playing with various local youth programs throughout the NY area. He would eventually catch the eye of his high school coach at Connetquot high school where he would spend four years as a contributing member of the team. After graduation, Eric moved on to play junior hockey in a variety of leagues including the NA3HL, GMHL and CPJHL. After juniors, Eric was offered a spot with the University of Utah ACHA Div 1 hockey team.

Eric is an integral part of the Outliers' coaching staff and helps the team in many capacities including on-ice practices and games. Coach Verdi brings a strong work ethic to the staff and a real passion for developing players and helping them reach their full potential. Eric is also heavily involved in player recruitment for the team.

The United States Premier Hockey League

The United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) was founded in 2012 and spans the entire continental United States. The USPHL has over 60 organizations from all across the United States and the league offers various levels of play from youth hockey all the way up to Junior hockey. The USPHL has helped thousands of players advance to college hockey, professional hockey and the NHL. As a result, the USPHL has been recognized as one of the top developmental leagues in the nation for Junior hockey.

At the Junior level, the USPHL 'Premier' Conference provides a critical step for players looking to fulfil their ultimate goal of becoming a collegiate and professional hockey player. The league prides itself in giving players elite coaching, high-performance training, and strong competition for a tremendous overall development experience.

Teams in the 'Mountain Conference' of the USPHL have been selected based on a variety of criteria including: strong financial ownership, geographical footprint, exceptional coaching, quality rinks, strong fan bases, and highly skilled teams that create competitive balance within the Conference. The Mountain Conference teams will participate in USPHL showcases and national playoffs on the east coast which will afford players the opportunity for increased college exposure.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ranked as one of the 2017 top 10 cities to live in by US News, Salt Lake City offers residents a vibrant downtown and a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, camping and more. There are also several world-class ski and golf resorts nearby, perfect for a getaway while parents visit!

Outliers players enjoy the beauty of the mountains and enjoy taking advantage of the various sporting events and recreational activities.

Team Fun

At the Outliers, we believe in the motto “work hard and play hard.” Our team enjoys getting together for various activities during the season. Some of the activities include hiking, BBQs, bowling, bonfires, movies, sporting events, and special retreats. We pride ourselves on being the hardest working team who has the most amount of fun.

Coming Soon: Outliers Event Center!

We're excited to welcome players and fans to our new event center, built for the Outliers' upcoming 2022-23 hockey season and beyond! This is a state-of-the-art 2,000 seat arena nestled in beautiful Park City, Utah - home of world-class skiing, athletics, and the 2002 Winter Olympics.

This arena features an NHL size ice sheet, a 12,000 sq. ft. training center, VIP seating with full food and beverage service, a hockey shop, multiple concession stands, multiple large format video displays, luxury junior hockey locker room, and many more amenities. This event center will be connected to the newest luxury hotel condo resort in the area called Black Rock Mountain Resort. We look forward to offering our players and fans one of the best hockey experiences in North America!

Learn how you can stand out, contact us:

Paul Taylor, Head Coach

  • +01.214.315.0637
  • paul@outliershockey.com

Kevin McCloskey, Hockey Operations

  • +01.954.232.9078
  • kevin@outliershockey.com

Eric Verdi, Assistant Coach

  • +01.631.560.4506
  • eric@outliershockey.com

Aidan Quaglino, Director of Scouting

  • +01.914.621.7111
  • aidan@outliershockey.com