Conviction By: Kelly Loy Gilbert ; Reviewed by Brentton Olmos


Personal Summary : Years ago Braeden got a sign from god telling him his family would be okay. Ten years have passed and his brother has been away living his own life. Braeden's father who is a Christian radio host in his community, was accused of murdering a police officer. His dad was the only parent for him growing up and to see the person who influenced him to be the person he is today, arrested for something he would never do changed how Braden looked at life forever. Now he must attend as a witness in his dad's trial and he must make a decision upon his faith, family, and conviction.

Braeden must make a decision that will involve his faith and laws and that will ultimately affect his family forever.

Stacey Lee's review

(author of under a painted sky)

I absolutely adored Conviction. It had me turning pages well into the night. Braden's father, a popular radio minister, is accused of the murder of a policeman. Braden's brother, estranged from the family, comes to watch over Braden while the father is on trial. Baseball is the thing that grounds Braden during the tumult, not only giving him his sense of identify, but ultimately providing metaphor for his life choices. Gilbert writes with tenderness and authenticity, inviting the reader to share in Braden's sorrows, and rejoice in his triumphs.
Conviction booK review

Conviction is written by Kelly Loy Gilbert. She was also nominated for the 2016 Teen Choice Debut Author! I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in books dealing with problems using justice and laws. At first the book may seem uninteresting because of how the main character is introduced. I personally found somethings could have been added and or taking out. However, once secrets start to unravel, that is where I could not put the book down. Conviction at first may seem straight forward and linear but once you feel the tension of what Braeden is going through, you will have a hard time trying to put the book down. I think anyone can truly enjoy reading this book.

"…I think about how with my dad, and with Trey, no matter what either one of them ever does I think I’ll still feel exactly the same way about them that I always have. I know it shouldn’t be like that because it isn’t safe, and because I think most other people get to choose who they care about and when to stop and it’s not fair… I think that’s the worst and the most dangerous thing I know. But I hope–I hope–that’s something like what God feels about me." -Kelly Loy gilbert, Conviction(327)


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