Nebraska Golfer January 2019

1 - Golf's New Rules are Here

The new Rules of Golf are now officially in effect. We're still a ways away from the golf season here in Nebraska, but now is the time to learn how to take those Rules to the course. You never know when the temperature will creep above 40 degrees and you'll get a chance to play, as it has a few times already this month. Check out the USGA Golf Journal below to learn some of the key changes that you'll want to know before heading out to play.

The full Rules Book is available at usga.org, and also includes the Player's Edition, which provides a shorter, more user-friendly version of the Rules for golfers at all levels of the game. There's also a ton of different resources out there to help you learn. Tap the button below to see our recommended resources for learning the new Rules.

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2 - Hall of Famer Wilma Gilliland Passes Away

There are not many who can say they did more for the game of golf than Wilma Gilliland, 94, who passed away on Saturday, December 22. She was an incredible person who will be missed greatly. Wilma and husband, Bruce, built Four Winds Golf Course in Kimball and started the Kimball Junior Golf Program. She was a volunteer Rules Official and so much more. Wilma won several state championships, including six State Sand Greens titles, and is a Nebraska Golf Hall of Famer, but her impact reached well beyond that. She served as President of the Trans-National Golf Association, and as Chairman of the USGA Women’s Committee, a very high honor for an incredible woman. Read more on Wilma's life and her numerous pursuits in her obituary below, as well as a great article by the Omaha World-Herald's Stu Pospisil.

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3 - End of Year Awards

We had some fun on Twitter last week, handing out some end-of-the-year awards. From the best shot of 2018 (video below) to the best quote, fist pump, round and more. Tap the button below to check out the nominees and see who won the vote.

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4 - Gary Wiren and His Collection

Nebraska Golf Hall of Famer Gary Wiren

Gary Wiren grew up in Omaha playing Spring Lake Golf Course and has gone on to an incredibly successful career in golf. He was inducted into the Nebraska Golf Hall of Fame in 1994 for his contributions to the game, and now resides in seven different golf halls of fame. Wiren is also in the PGA Hall of Fame and the World Golf Teacher's Hall of Fame. Wiren has an extensive private collection of golf memorabilia, and takes to Instagram to showcase his items. On his page, Wiren posts short (1 minute or less) videos where he talks about certain items and their history in the game of golf. He talks about anything from the first president to play golf to the evolution of tees. Check him out on Instagram (@GaryWiren) or tap the buttons below to see his page and his website.

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