30 Ways to Work in the Deep Blue Sea Inspired by Vintage Comics

One of the driving forces of life is the need to survive. An organism’s every action is motivated by this internal instinct of self-preservation. All of their waking hours are spent searching for food and a chance to pass on their genes. That is why it is perplexing why humans choose to pursuer activities that bring them pleasure, instead of what is necessary to live. They don’t always spend their every waking moment searching for food or a mate. They find careers and hobbies that employs certain skills and interests they feel they can perform to a higher degree. This is not a normal reaction to being a part of a society, but what if it was? What if fish, that live in their own ecosystems, took on these human characteristics? They could adopt careers that benefit from their natural tendencies, just like people are drawn towards a career. An anchovy could be a pizza chef so they can control what goes on the pizza and a sawfish could be a lumberjack despite the fact that fire wood is not in high demand under the ocean. As part of a community, these careers would benefit all of the community so they can afford to ignore their natural impulses.

Anchovy Pizza Chef
A Clownfish Hairdresser Anemone
Anglerfish Detective
Beluga whale Nurse
Coral Architect Boxing Crab
Dolphin Astronaut
Stealing Eel
Manta Ray Tourist
Great White Shark Fisherman
Halibut Swimsuit Model
Hammerhead Shark Construction Worker
Humpback Whale Banker
King Salmon Professor Lionfish
Narwhal Dentist
Orca Police Officer
Oyster Jeweler Pufferfish Quarterback
Sawfish Lumberjack
Sea Horse Jockey Sea Turtle Florist
Seal Soccer Player
Squid Secret Agent
Starfish Actor
Sturgeon Surgeon
Swordfish Writer
Walrus Waiter
Created By
Charlotte Rodewald

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