Heres 1 food 3 different ways to make potatoes. kimberly miller,sierra jackson, kieaira oretga 66

KImberly Miller made Radiation oven with her potatoes.

You need 2 potatoes. 2 pinch of salt. 1/3 cup of Extra Virgin. chop 2 garlics. 1 tbsp of oregano. 1/3 cup of Italian Seasoning.A chef knife. cutting bored. measuring cups.

The first thing you need to do is wash you 2 potatoes. Then you cut up the 2 potatoes on a cutting bored. After you cut up the potatoes you put it on the cookie pan.

Kimberly cutted the garlic up i to small pieces.

The first thing you need to is cut up ther garlic into small pieces.

Kimberly cutted up the potatoes into cubes.

The second thing you need is to cut up the potatoes into cube size.

Kimberly put the pan of potatoes in the oven.

When you get all done cutting you put it in to the cookie pan and put 1/3 of vegtable oil into the pan then add the seconing like peppers,salt,itilan seconings ,culum seconing and parsley secning. Then you put it into the oven for 3:30 for almost and hour.

This is what covention oven potatoes looks like.

When its done cooking this is what roasted potatoes should look like.

sierra is going to make Conduction potatoes.

You need 3 potatoes, one onines,salt,butter,garlic, bowl, knife and a cutting bored.

Sierra cutting the butter.

You going to cut up the 1/3 of the better.

Sierra is cleaning the potatoes.

You have to clean the potatoes so you wont be sick of getting the bactira stuff thats on it.

Sierra cutted up the potatoes

After cleaning the potates you need to cut them up onto the small pieces and then put them into the bowl this is what it should look like.

Sierra added the onines.

After cutting up the potatoes you need to add the onies with the potaotes.

You need the oil the boil the potatoes.

Sierra put all the ingretents into the pan.

Your going to add the cutted up potatoes,onines and the oil.

You need to let it set to cook.

While its cooking you need to keep it stired.

Kieaira did Convection

You need one big potato and fork it all over the potatoes.

Kieaira put the potatoes into the micerwave.

After forking the potatoe you need to put it in the micerwave for 4 munites.

Kieaira put the baked potatoes onto the plate

When the timer went off and it looks like this that mean its done.

Kieaira put the sour cream on inthe middle of the potaoes.

Ater getting the potates from the micerwave you need to cut in the middle of the potatoes and put the sourcream cream in the middle.

Kieaira added the cheese and the bacon bets.

You can add the cheese and the bacon bets if you want someone pople like whatever on there potatoes.

This is the one food and 3 ways

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