The Florida Museum of Natural History John Rice

(sorry for the blurry pictures, its hard with the crutches) The Columbian Mammoth was one the very first things you walk in the museum, but just around the corner is another Mammoth that is not as intact as the Columbian one but more interestingly was found in the Suwanee River in North Florida. I had no idea that we had such creatures in our very own Florida at any point in time, so when I first read the plaque under the display I had to do a double take. As I read about the Mammoth I learned that is was found actually submerged under water in the River and after all these years it has maintained fairly intact. It makes you wonder how he ended up there, was he trying to find food and got over taken by the current or was he being hunted and had no where else to go but test his destiny with the river?
The Florida Museum of Natural History really pulls you into nature by literally having a rainforest butterfly garden in the building. It is located right after you pass the massive Columbian Mammoth that really puts into reality how big these creatures were. They walked on the same dirt that we walk, and ate from the same plants that we do. The creatures that surround us are not to be taken advantage of and exploited for their resources, especially when it threatens their existence. It made me think on a bigger scale when natural resources like oil get to take advantage and hurt the ecosystems that surround just for a couple extra bucks. We need to stand up and protect our planet that we share.
Another piece that seemed bigger than real life was looking into the jaws of a Megaladon. I've grown up in Florida my whole life and I am always on the water when I can be, so I have seen,caught, and even eaten sharks before, but I could never imagine the magnitude of the beast that wielded these jaws. When I was in front of these jaws it makes you appreciate that humans were blessed with brains that can out think any other animal because we definitely are not physically apt to take on these creatures with just our muscles alone.
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John Rice


All photos are mine, but objects in photos are curtesy of the Florida Museum of Natural History

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