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Beauty is all around us. Some of us enjoy the primping and anti-aging battles better served with the advancing skin care and health products available today. Below you’ll find some great additions to your everyday needs – and some amazing prices (sometimes almost free) below:

COSME-DE.COM offers a great variety of skincare and cosmetic products from all over the world with competitive prices, plus many exciting promotion campaigns to save your money. One of the best things we provide is FREE local (Hong Kong) and international shipping for orders over USD40.00 regardless of order size and a 30-day money back guarantee for returning your products with no extra charge.


CandyLipz, the leading expert in natural lip enhancement. Internationally acclaimed with over 30 design & beauty awards and 30 USA and international patents. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied users worldwide. CandyLipz is used by elite industry artists/talents for movies, television, advertising, runways, & photo shoots for print. We appeared in major news spanning all continents and were seen on The Doctors, CNN, MTV, ET, Inside Edition, EXTRA, TMZ, TODAY, Access Hollywood, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, PopSugar, Buzzfeed & more. CandyLipz has been in use for over 6 years and lip plumpers have been on the market for over a decade with incredible success. Whether you want to enlarge your lips or just to improve the appearance of your lip shape and contour, give us a try! CandyLipz is all about fun!

Incredible Breakthrough Invention

The CandyLipz lip plumper is one-of-a-kind! It is an ingenious, hand-operated lip enhancer powered by an ancient Chinese Cupping suction technique that enlarges the lips without using chemicals or needles. The stunning shaping and contouring of the lips are made possible by a built-in, patented Xtreme Lip-Shaper system. Engineered elements guide the lips to form beautifully and smoothly in each and every lip enhancement session. Fun and easy to use anytime and anywhere.

Impressive Clinical Trial Results

After using the lip plumper for just two minutes twice daily over a period of 60 days, participants in a clinical trial saw their lip volume increase by 36% from their original sizes. After immediate application, users have reported their lips stayed plump up to 24 hours. Individual results may vary. Today, CandyLipz makes it possible for you to have the appearance of fuller lips all year round. Depending on where you live, 1 syringe of filler averages $500. Some individuals need 2 syringes to see noticeable results. Frequent visits to maintain the look can cost $2,000 or more a year! With CandyLipz, it is a one-time purchase for the price of a pair of Jeans starting at $35! AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY HERE.

Awesome CandyLipz Benefits

CandyLipz has been in use for over 6 years. It took 3 years to test and develop. Our high quality, AUTHENTIC products are made with extreme care. The tool uses a perfect lip-shaping design and precise negative pressure for your lips while knockoff products are lacking these elements. Don't leave your lips to untested products! CandyLipz's design was invented to enhance oddly shaped lips and the appearance of aging lips. If you are experiencing thinning of the lips, lip asymmetry, lip lines, grooves, pits, smoker's lines, drooping of the Cupid’s bow and corners of the mouth, and/or lengthening of the lip philtrum, CandyLipz has been reported by users to improve the appearance of their lips instantly.

Total Control

CandyLipz is unlike any other lip plumping tool on the market. It works on all 15 anatomical lip zones at the same time. You can enhance your lips slightly or triple your lip size in minutes. If one of the lips is too thin, you have the option to work on it separately. CandyLipz is designed for hands-free use so you can still work while you plump your lips.

Change Up Your Look

You can create two fun and sexy lip styles using CandyLipz lip plumpers! For a cute and youthful pout, the CandyLipz single-lobed style delivers this look. For a dramatic celebrity-inspired look, give your lower lip a cute vertical dimple using the double-lobed style. You can change up your looks quick and easy in minutes without the hassle and expense of lip injections.

Internationally Acclaimed

CandyLipz won 30 incredible awards internationally including the most coveted award- GOOD DESIGN, which remains the oldest and the world's most recognized program for design excellence worldwide and the A' Award of excellence where Candylipz Xtreme Lip-Shaper System was exhibited in the Museum of Outstanding Design in Milan, Italy.


Welcome to Gnoce! We are a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of jewelry. We are focusing on making unique and delicate Gnoce jewelry at affordable and competitive price to all jewelry lovers. All of our products, including personalized jewelry, charms, bracelets and necklaces, are made from high-quality materials and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Bead Your Story

Our slogan is “Bead your story”. We believe that every bead has its own story. In addition, the jewelry can speak to you, to record you a story, to support you, to protect you…Hope you are able to collect the beads that are meaningful to you with strength and courage to create your own personal style.

Enjoy Unique Design

Meanwhile, Gnoce has expert employees and designers, who are spare no efforts to show the difference in the details on account that specific and exact decides the failure or success. Every elaborate design, along with a rigorous quality control process, is aimed at providing 100% satisfied products to all customers at any time and ensuring a smooth trading experience.

Appreciate Our Inspiration

As Auguste Rodin saying, life is not lack of beauty, but a lack of eyes to find beauty. Always, the inspiration of our charms comes from the details in daily life. A personalized charm for your loved ones, a birthstone charm to show off your personality…a clover charm conveys good luck. Every time you glance at the charms on your wrist, you will draw strength and courage from them without doubt because we are devoted to offer original ideas and of creations which look like you.

If you are interested in any of our jewelry or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We will be appreciated to offer you exclusive service in order to help you memorize the valuable time or important persons in life. As a result of our intriguingly products as well as first-class customer service, you will be fond of receiving exquisite and stylish jewelry on our site from now on. For more information, please visit

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