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This project focuses on the unifying themes of "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hilton. This story has been read in education institutions for decades because of its' persisting relevance. Not only does the story of Ponyboy Curtis fascinate young readers, it exposes them to the reality of violence and crime. The story is set in 1965, and Ponyboy Curtis is 14 years old. He's a greaser, a social outcast who lives on the East Side of town. Him and his gang of "Greasers," brothers Sodapop and Darry, then Dallas Winston, Johnny, Steve, and Two-bit, live in a dangerous area of town, the EastSide. Ponyboy tells the story of a life changing week in his life, as the Greasers battle their rival gang, The Socials, and reveal to the reader the hardships of chid abuse, death and loss, violence, crime and gang activity. This story has remained important to the English classroom curriculum because of the array of themes that it explores. Love, loyalty, social status, violence, choices, isolation, and appearance. It not only teaches students about doing the right thing, it also exposes them to the cruelness of some people's circumstances. "The Outsiders" does more than just speak of violence, it teaches a lesson about hardship and allows students to explore an array of themes through empathy and critical-thinking. This novel is so great at forcing students to place themselves into the story; they empathize and understand while also imagining what they would do in a situation/world like "The Outsiders."

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Alondra Pena


Multi-genre writing project on S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders."

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