Social and branding analytics Overview

Chris Porter

6 month term over 8k followers.

Trended #1 worldwide #SoGoneChallenge

Alexander King

Instagram- From 12k To 27. 8k Followers in one year.

Numerous viral Facebook posts.

Facebook From 45k likes To 81k likes In One Year.

2017 - First Qtr Facebook numbers

Dusty Leigh

From 8k To 12k In three months

Sonny Bama

From 1.4k to 7k in four months

What do all successful campaigns have in common? The team that put them together were all Synchronized. Our track record of this trait is well proven in every space that we exist in: Packed Events, Videos & Socials with 10's of millions of plays with huge engagement, Multi Chart topping musical endeavors, Stellar delivery of Multi Media on many platforms for over 10 yrs.

Our company recently put together a deal with Swisher International to produce the rebranding of the Swisher Outlaw Brand. Our deliverables were:

  • Align Swisher with several Influencers/Ambassadors
  • A highly stylized photoshoot with a world renowned photographer
  • Social media scheduling of Ambassador posts and event appearances over the year of 2017.

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VITAL - Apparel/Licensing Company

VITAL - Launch party

05/27 - Nashville

  • VITAL is and high-end event and merchandising company that provide's an extremely fast solution of full line's of Merch/Apparell and accessories for each of our partnership's. At it's core level VITAL is a fulfillment company for Personality's & Brand's that need a solution to monetize. All of the companies and branding partners, marketing, & campaign ties to Tattoo Models & Artists, Extreme Athletes, Entertainers, & High end Liquor Companies. Through strategic ahead of the curve thinking, and multiple co-op & licensing partnerships.

VITAL's launch celebration will be a night with the who's who of Nashville. This initial event will provide a bridge between Artists/Influencers/Athletes and the VITAL team and company owners. The introduction of the first 4 capsule collections and partnership deals

Each of our events are meticulously planned and tailored to specific demographic's. These events will be scaled and rolled out nationally w/exclusive clientele, celebrity guests, national entertainment, & forward thinkers.

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Using Limited Run stratagies , social media stars with Millions of followers, interactive events, and a revolutionary Public Relations campaign XRiSP will change the apparel space and set a new bar.

To get in touch Please email :

or call (347) 819-8091

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