Slavery book by: anastasia jordan

Abolition: the act of abolishing a practice or system. Abolition played a big part in the 1800s because the people of the north didnt believe that people should be owned as property. They believed that everyone was their own person and slavery should be gone. One person who spoke out against slavery was Abraham Lincoln. He wrote the emancipation proclamation abolishing slavery in the south.

Nat Turner: Nat Turner was a slave who lead a rebellion or slaves and freemen in Virginia in 1831. He believed that God had chosen him to lead the rebellion with his people and help them out of bondage. He had gather around 60 slaves and freemen and went around for weeks with armed forces, first killings his owners and then around 50 more white people. This went on for weeks until he was caught on October 30, 1831 where he was hanged and the ones who were there with him met the same fate.

Missouri Compromise: The Missouri Compromise was passed in 1820 in order the preserve the balance between free and slave states. In this compromise Maine who be added as a free state and Missouri would added as a slave state. When it was passed the 36 30 line was made where any state added above the line was automatically a free state and any state added below it would be a slave state.

Wilmot proviso: The willmot proviso would have banned slavery in and territory acquired from mexico. Bill passed in the house of rep. twice, but was defeated in the senate. California=free, slave trade would be outlawed in Washington d.c, a new fugitive slave law, popular soverinty.

Compromise of 1850: In this compromise 5 separate bills were passed regarding what the new territory acquired from mexico would be slave states or free states.

Kansas-Nebraska act: This act repealed the Missouri compromise which stated that anything above the 36 30 line would be a free state and anything below it would be a slave state.

Dred scott: Dred scott was a slave who lived in a free sate with his owner and then moved to a slave state. Dred scott sued his owners saying that he was a frre man because he lived in a free state. The case went al the way to the supreme court where they said he had no rights and therefore couldn't sue his owners and he remained a slave.

John Brown: John Brown was an american abolitionist who believed that armed forces was the only way to overthrow the institution of slavery. He viewed himself as the "angel of god". Attacked Harpers ferry but failed and was captured.

Civil war: The civil war was a battle fought between the north and south over the issue of slavery. It lasted from 1861 to 1865 and was a union victory.

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Created with images by KlausHausmann - "hands handcuffs tied up" • Boston Public Library - "The great Republican reform party." • Elvert Barnes - "175th anniversary of Nat Turner Slave Rebellion" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Map of the United States, showing by colors the area of freedom and slavery, and the territories whose destiny is yet to be decided, exhibiting also the Missouri compromise line, and the routes of Colonel Fremont in his famous explorations"

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