Westward Expansion and how life was on the trails.

Traveling West wasn't easy. As a matter of fact, you had a 1/20 chance of DEATH. That means that at LEAST 1 or 2 people in each wagon train would DIE. So why exactly did they take such a large risk? What could be equal to death? Well many things brought people to the West. Land was one, a better life, to escape the cruelty that the Mormons had to go through, the Gold Rush was another reason. People risked their lives for something that might not even happen, but at the time that was a risk most would take. Well first we should talk about the Natives. Normally most interactions would be hostile, but sometimes they were calm. Sometimes they were calm, but even then interactions with they natives weren't plentiful so it wasn't guaranteed to meet a Native american tribe. When they were hostile there would often be casualties, and when they were calm, it would be mainly directions or food.

As mentioned there were sacrifices that had to be made on the trails. Now a con all of us could think of would be death, but there are more. Hunger, and leaving friends and family behind are all cons. The chance you won't get what you hoped for is another con. Then again there are some pros. Making new friends, and what you wanted to actually lie there at the end. Getting free land was also a pro. But would many do this if those many knew what it was like? Well one life was hard, you already knew that though. You walked all day, it was either very hot, or very cold. Then again don't think the oxen got the best of it either, I mean come on they're pulling a thousand or so, pound wagon over hills, and mountains. If you were sick, chances are you wouldn't get any medicine. You would have to gather dry cow pies for a fire. But some parts were good. Assuming they made it there, then they would have a bunch of land. But overall, everyday life was hard.

So how did they know were to go? Well, along the trial there were forts, these forts provided food and directions. These directions were something that they had to remember, or at least the people in front of the trail had to. What most didn't know is that the pioneers made little moccasins for the oxen's hooves. This was so the oxen's feet wouldn't get wore out. So with this will conclude these facts about Westward Expansion

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