What a Plantation was like By: hanna o'leary

For slaves, life on the plantation was grueling work, especially when they were always being watched by overseers.
Depending on the size of the plantation, it was made up of multiple buildings. For example, ere were the homes of the master's family, overseer, and slaves. There also were outbuildings, barns, and workshops.
Large plantations were often separate from the outside world because they oersted like a self-sustaining village.
Adult male slaves usually would tend the fields, gardens, and pastures. There would be overseers on horseback who would threaten to whip any stragglers who were not doing their work. Female slaves and young children usually worked for the master's family as cooks, house maids, and servants. Sadly, they were whipped, starved, and even raped.
Religion and music were sources of strength for slaves while they were working under their masters. They often improvised, and used feet to tap out a tune in coordination.

Images from Spartacus Educational and Library of Congress.

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