Flexible Film Capturing Energy From Motion

What It Is

Like the title suggests, this device turns excess energy into usable energy that can be harnessed and potentially be used as a power source. This device is similar to piezoelectric material because it creates voltage when squeezed or pressed. What sets this device apart from all the other piezoelectric materials is that it is as thin as paper, flexible, and increases in voltage when it is folded.


If the voltage created from this device can be directed as a current, it could potentially be a great power source for phones, tablets and cameras. By simply walking, typing, or swiping your fingers you could charge your device fully. This would greatly reduce the need to plug devices into the wall or remove the need to do so all together.


This new piece of technology was created by Nelson Sepulveda and his colleagues at Michigan State University. Sepulveda realized that every motion requires energy, and that energy could potentially be harnessed. To create this device, a combination of fabrication techniques were used on thin layers of substances including silver, polyimide, polypropylene ferroelectret and electrically charged particles on a silicon wafer. This created a sheet that was peeled away from the chip as if it were a sticker.


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