Food Web Infographic Caitlyn E. Vos


Worms decomposing

Decomposers are very important to the food web. They eat and break down dead organisms, which cleans our Earth.


Plants depend on the sun. Plants make food by transforming the suns energy, along with water, into sugar.

Plants are dependent on the sun to make food, and we are dependent on plants for both food and oxygen

Plants and their Importance

Plants are very important to our ecosystem. They provide food for everything on Earth. If there were no plants, then humans would not live because they are the main source of Oxygen.


Aside from the fact that plants produce oxygen, they also provide food for all organisms. Even if you are eating all meat, the animal that you are eating once ate plants. If there were no plants, then there would be no food supply, and the food web would crumble.

As you can see in the food web above, all of the things that eat plants are eaten by something else, and therefore, all organisms depend on plants (or the animals that eat the plants) to survive.


Created with images by Donald Lee Pardue - "Spider Web" • Pretty/Ugly Design - "worms" • kevinlubin - "Plant" • PeterDargatz - "sunset background lighting at dusk" • Mr Moss - "AIR!"

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