How Young is Too Young Cell Phones at an early age

Young children engrossed in their cell phones

Are you all texting each other?

A young child using his cell phone unsupervised

He is engaging with her as she uses the mobile device instead of letting her have complete freedom in her usage of the device

"Wait. We can have fun with our children without the need for mobile devices?"

Family time, NO cell phones involved

Created By
Olivia Crissman


Created with images by derek olson - "Hello Operator" • Azureon2 - "Cell Phone Kid" • flickingerbrad - "student_ipad_school - 029" • apdk - "iphone" • CommScope - "CommScope Lifestyle Images 6" • GoodNCrazy - "baby with a cell phone" • flickingerbrad - "student_ipad_school - 088" • dagon_ - "girl father portrait" • 27707 - "mother daughter laughing" • PublicDomainPictures - "baby caucasian child" • raYmon - "Family"

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