Revolution of Fitness Fads Working out one country at a time

Fitness Fads are considered to be a short lived trend. The craze for these high end boutique fitness companies are popping up left and right with a new category of top ranking activities. These activities include spinning, barre, yoga, interval training, and much more. Not only has this craze taken over the United States, it is taking the global market by storm.

Located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Japan, Peru, Dominican Republic
Located in the United States and destination pop-up shops in Europe
Located in the United States, Norway and the United Kingdom
Located in United States and Canada

In the United States alone, conversation about fitness fads and boutique fitness has been extremely positive, with a distribution of 76% vs 19% negative. Looking at data from the past 5 years, it is easy to see that discussion on this topic has had a dramatic increase in the past 2 years, most of which being positive. It is also clear that this topic is predominantly brought up in conversation between females.

Fitness fads are gaining popularity all over the globe. This is a slow but steady increase of fitness fads as well as acceptance of them outside of the United States. These types of establishments are starting to expand all over Europe, Canada, and Australia predominantly. People are seeing these types of companies evolving and becoming significantly notice in all of these foreign countries mainly within the past 5 years.

On a global scale, strictly looking at the green data above, as fitness fads grew in popularity around the end of 2014, there was a higher volume of anticipation in conversation. This means that people were highly anticipating what would happen with group fitness and group classes, but as we can see as move towards the right of the chart, sadness was low, with absolutely no sign of disgust, while the emotions of joy and surprise had dramatically increased.

In Australia there is not many boutique fitness franchises compared to the U.S. Australia relies more on local fitness trends within each region. The U.S is dominant in exercise franchises all throughout each 50 states. The U.S shows more brand awareness and recognition with these specific fitness companies compared to Australia. Although Australia is taking the fitness world to a new level but more personal for each town and location it is present in.

The U.S, Australia, Canada and U.K all have similar levels of indulgence. We found that Australia and the U.S have more similar spending habits when it comes to working out and participating in boutique fitness. These two countries have more similar yet different types of exercise preferences compared to Canada and the U.K.

Social Media's dominance in the fitness industry

“These days, people don’t buy training, they buy trainers. You have to build these relationships through your copy, through your web forums, through your online content". Social media is play a huge role in the evolution of boutique fitness. It is constantly helping evolve this trend. Social media is used by 2.34 Billion people globally. This is a important platform to utilize to better your company and business.

Companies are having more personal connections with users through social media. This is a way for the company to allow their clients and future customers to get on a more personal base, therefore hoping to use their company and service in the near future. Companies are using social media to promote need locations, pop-up shops, exclusive sales or events near the consumer.

Adapting to local markets and conditions

Throughout all of our research we can conclude that fitness boutiques are prominent in the U.S as well as other countries globally. The U.S market is very different from foreign markets due to the high level of disposable income and indulgence spending. Australia is the most similar to this day in time as the U.S when it comes to fitness boutiques. Although Australia does not use fitness franchises as much as the U.S, but this seems to work for them better.

Advice: For boutique fitness owners and franchises in foreign countries it is a good idea to look towards to the U.S as an example of a country that has succeeded within this industry. Other countries seem to prefer local gyms and studios rather than these higher end brand name studios. We believe that these high end studios would actually be a good fit in foreign countries as times goes on due to a slow increase in discretionary income as well as high levels of indulgence. The location and target market needs to be sought out specifically and carefully when going into other countries with such high end fitness organizations. We think that companies can and will succeed going into foreign markets, especially because people in these countries are starting to spend more money on health and wellness and less on materialistic items. A large presence on social media will help in their favor as well.

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