The Battle Between People and Machines Ruby


Definition: Ready and eager to attack. Sentence: Tigers are aggressive when they're scared.


Definition: To move with a sliding, side - to - side, snakelike motion. Sentence: The big snake wanted to slither away into the jungle.


Definition: Capable of being transported or moved. Sentence: I have a portable iPhone that I can take with me in my backpack.


Definition: To put in danger. Sentence: Rachel endangered her cat by letting him cross the street by himself.


Definition: To be joyful; to show great happiness. Sentence: The soccer player exulted over their victory of the game.

Created By
Ruby Gonzalez


Created with images by rodgerspix - "Computers" • Gellinger - "tiger predator animal" • Iqbal Osman1 - "Yellow Anaconda" • goto_ - "iPhone" • zeevveez - "Cat Crossing Street in Harsh Light" • Doha Stadium Plus - "Adel Lamy"

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