The Industrial Revolution By: Jamie Minehart

The Industrial Revolution is a time of technological development involving the use of more machinery in Britain. The Industrial Revolution spread the European continent along with the spread of The New World. The Industrial Revolution started for many reasons. The reasons include the agricultural revolution, the government, markets, and many advancing industries.

The Agricultural Revolution is a changing in the ways of farming, along with stock breeding. This would lead to a greater food amount being produced among the food companies. This was advantage in Britain because more mouths could be feed with less cost. Income of British families were no longer being spent on food. Later an increase in the population would result in a bigger work force.

The cotton industry was the start of the modern factories. The cotton industry included inventions such the flying shuttle created by John kay, Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves, Water Frame Spinning Machine by Richard Awkwright, Power Loom by Edmund Cartwright, and the Spinning Mule by Samuel Crompton. The Spinning Jenny caused a greater amount of yarn to be produced. Water Frame Spinning Machine also helped in the increase of yarn production. The Power Loom caused the weaving of clothes to be capable of sticking with the speed that the yarn was being spun. All these invention helped impacted the cotton revolution.

The Steam engine created a cheaper cotton industry along with the spreading of the cotton industry worldwide. The steam engine ensured the establishing of new industries. The steam engine was created by James Watt, this engine pumped water from mines 3 times faster than the other engines. Many steam engines were connected to the industries during that time, such as the steam engine was put on to spinning cotton.

The Iron industry was the start of new ideas and way to successfully gain iron in a decent amount of time. Henry Cort created "Puddling" where coke would be burned gone, the problems with the pig iron would result in a high quality iron. The boom in the Iron industry would produce 17,000 tons of iron in 1740 the would continually increased to 2 million tons by 1852. The reason for the iron industry was most likely the demand for new technology and machines.

The need for the Revolution of Transportation was realized when the needing of a better way of moving resources and goods. The Revolution of Transportation started with the building of new roads and canals. Mining operation are the start of the first railroads. During the revolution of transportation the rocket was created, this gave an advantage to people using this quick locomotive.

The establishment of "The Great Exhibition of 1851" was an organized industrial fair, the first organized industrial fair. The Great Exhibition was held at Kensington in London, inside the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace was completely made of glass and iron. The fair showed the great wealth the Britain had during that time period.

Joint-stock Banks were businesses that constantly looked for investors from all social classes to give money towards their business.

The Industrial Revolution in the USA was much more costly than in Britain.

The Standard living along with the social classes condition of the Industrial Revolution are inequality of the wealthiest compared to the poorest. The middle class also received gained certain rights. Produced a higher asking cost for wages in Britain.

Urban life is clean, dirty, condition that are impacted by the government.

The trade union's bigs impacts were the preserving of workers positions, by creating limits of entry. While the other impact is the creating of the employees.

The Efforts to change the working condition were the Factory Act passed between 1802 and 1819. This stop the working of kids under the age of nine years. Put a limit on the amount a child is allowed to work. This efforts of change could lead to the restriction laws we have on our children today. This efforts of change were also caused by the people that were always stuck being poor and needed help in order for improvement.

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