Lebanon DYlan machalek


Lebanon is in the northern hemisphere

Also in Southwest Asia

This is Beirut (lebanon capital) and it's coordinates are 33°N,35°E

Lebanon is in the temperate zone

Lebanon is

  • Small population/4.36 mil
  • Crowded
  • Growing slow
  • Urban
  • Getting immigrants

Lebanon is developing because their GDP per capita is 15800. And their life expectancy is 77. Also the literacy rate is 89.6.

Arabic,french, English,Armenian. are their main languages
their main religion is Muslim
things they like

Why is the flag a tree?

the Presence and position of the Cedar in the middle of the flag is directly inspired by the mountains of Lebanon cedar. The Cedar is a symbol of holiness, eternity and peace. As an emblem of longevity, the cedar of Lebanon has its origin in many biblical references.


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