NIELSEN Alex FEinstein

Position: Professional Services Analytics Experience- 2017 Summer Intern

Demand For Statisticians Is Rising

Nielsen is a data analytics company that measures what consumers buy, watch and listen to in over 100 countries. Nielsen is based out of New York.

Nielsen was founded in 1923 by Arthur Nielsen. His idea was to measure sales between competitors. This created the concept of "Market Shares", which is frequently used in todays business world.

In a world dominated by social media, the rise of Big Data and analytics has occurred. This is allowing business to market their product to specific audiences.

In 2011, Nielsen debuted on the NYSE.

This is an example of a study Nielsen conducted

I have been passionate about data and statistics since I was a young boy. I would obsess about baseball players stats and make graphs of them. I continued to grow my passion for data by studying actuarial sciences and statistics at the University of Florida. I have gained outstanding knowledge and mastery in many facets of statistics. I also have experience and knowledge in the statistical coding software R-Studio.

I connected with a Nielsen Recruiter at the Fall 2016 UF Career Showcase. Learning about the companies culture and day-to-day operations piqued my interest. Nielsen has the perfect balance of data and media, two fields that I am passionate about.

Independent Work: In 2014 I researched the factors that translate to a movies success at the box office. I successfully developed a correlation between film metascores and audience reviews. This is the type of work that Nielsen is known for.


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