A FUN DAY jessica m.

Today I’m going to Kings Dominion with my girl scout troop. First thing we do when we get there is ride the Berserker! I didn’t ride but Abby and Willow did, they came off with red marks on there legs! Before we left the Berserker, we put on suntan lotion on. Mom asked us what we wanted to do next we all said ‘’WATER PARK!’’ really loud! When we were all ready to go into the water park, we went to the wave pool! Next to the wave pool was a water slide called Hurricane Heights. I rode it for the first time, it was so fun! Then we went back to the wave pool to swim and chase waves. After that we rode another water slide called Pipeline Peak! It was awesome! Then we left the water park, and we got dippin’ dots! They were so good! We left after that, I was sad but we had an awesome day at Kings Dominion!


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