Belfast Then... ...BY WOMEN NOW

This website was created with a group of 25 women from the Vine Centre, North Belfast, who took part in the Women in the Archives strand of the Making the Future programme from September-November 2019. For eight weeks, participants engaged with the history of North Belfast and shared stories and memories of growing up in this interface area, working in local mills and factories and going to the "pictures'.

This website contains a series of podcasts and albums with a selection of images from PRONI's collections and participants' personal archives.

Podcast 1

Participants look back on what it was like growing up and working in North Belfast before, during and after the troubles. They also talk about mixed marriages, the dances, cinemas and pass times.

Podcast 2

Participants reminisce on their lives in North and South Belfast, relating back to the hustle and bustle of modern life now. They discuss community relations, bomb explosions and hopes for the future.

Podcast 3

Participants explore how their communities have changed over the years. They discuss living with disabilities, their fond memories of childhood, home life and how cross-community relationships deteriorated over the Troubles.


Lilian Armstrong | Nan Angus | Sally Carmichael | Winnie Gray | Mavis Henry | Margaret Kayes | Frances Kidd | Carole Higginson | Eleanor Jamison | Cathy Lundy | Betty Mahood | Catherine Maxwell | Isabel McClung | Carolyn Newell | Lorna Osborne | Margaret Patterson | Amy Quigley | Jenny Robinson | Rosemary Rice | Heather Scott | Helen Wigston | Betty Wilson | June Wilson | Phyllis Weir | Sandra Palmer

Our Memories Storymap

From the Archives

Women in the Archives Programme

This project included a number of activities. The group spent a day in PRONI learning about the work of the official archive for Northern Ireland and engaging with some documents and photos from their local area. Participants also took part in a guided tour of the Crumlin Road Gaol, watched the short film 'The Curzon Project' and spoke to Sebastian Graham about his Mills of Northern Ireland project. At the end of the project, they recorded their memories of living in North Belfast and scrapbooked about their experience of the programme.

Women in the Archives Programme

Many thanks to Elizabeth Anderson for bringing Women in the Archives to the Vine Centre and to the participants for their engagement and enthusiasm for this project.

Programme facilitated by Laura Aguiar and Lynsey Gillespie (PRONI) and Jude Mullan (Nerve Centre) in partnership with the Vine Centre.

Making the Future is supported by EU PEACE IV programme and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).