Which brand does it better?

Nike has the most dynamic logo on the planet. The Swoosh was designed by Carolyn Davidson for a few bucks, it became popular and it is now a logo that is known world wide.

Many people think that Nike is the best sports brand compared to Adidas and Under Aroumour and it is true, most people prefer Nike than any other brand. There is prove however that Adidas and Under Armour are trying to improve their products and their designs to try and take the number 1 spot from Nike. Under Armour only cares about how their shoes look and don't really care about how they preform. Nike is the only sports brand who cares about how their shoes feel since all of their shoes are first tested my actual athletes before the put their product for sale thus proving Nike is the number one brand in the world.

Adidas is the only sports brand the created a logo that actually had a function, because it originally had the purpose to hold the shoes together.

Adidas has the most history out of all brands and the richest vaule of all sports brand and also has the best cushioning innovation of our time. The 3 stripes have a sports written history going back to when American sprinter Jesse Owens won four gold medals while wearing a pair of Dassler made shoes in the 1936 olympics. Although that is not the only sports breakthrough that the Adidas sports brand has made. Germany won the 1954 FIFA World Cup with all the players wearing Adidas shoes and it is believed they won because they were wearing Adidas shoes.

Adi Dassler who is the founder of Adidas is a founder who understands all the needs of his athletes and tried to built the best equipment for his athletes and tries to provide the best shoes for the athletes. Unlike any other sports brand Adidas has Kanye who came up with the famous Yeezy's, not only that but Adidas also wrote hip hop with both DMC and the Beastie Boys they wrote a song called "My Adiads" and held up an Adidas shoe during one of their concerts. Decades before Nike rolled out their first running shoe Adidas was already creating theirs which were the Gazelle,Superstar and the Samba and even more before Nike was officially founded.

Nike owns basketball which started their Jordan collection.

Nike first out started as running company and not just track & field. Co-founder Bill Bowerman published a book which led to the creation of a running shoe named the "Cortez" in 1968. Nike doesn't only have running shoes but they also have basketball shoes. Beyond the famous Tinker Hatfield these are other designers who've gone a long way with Nike like Bruce Kilgor who invented the Air Force 1 and Sergio Lozano who invented the Air Max 95. Nike realized that there was a potential in retroing the Air Force 1 in a limited edition after one shoe was done when the next model came out. The Air Jordan 1 was also designed by Peter Moore, Moore also created the "three bar logo."

Nike also uses movies to get ideas to create their shoes for example Nike's use of the movie Back to the Future inspired their collection of Nike Bruin, Nike Mog and "the shoe." Nike also invented the Collab game as we know it from it's '90s releases like the Nike Dunk High to the whole SB program. One thing that has always been Nike's strong suit is their ads from beautiful vintage running ads to "Bolknows" campaign.

Plank's brother Bill accidentally called it Under Armour one day and the name stuck ever since.

Ever since 2016 Under Armour has been catching up up to Nike little by little but unlike Nike, Under Armour just cares about the apparel of their shoes instead of the performance. Under Armour doesn't really care to make their products (shoes) more comfortable for their athletes. Adidas is making major comebacks because they have once again stolen the number 2 spot in the US from their rival Under Amour.

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