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About My Vignettes

My vignettes are inspired by the vignettes in the book "The House On Mango Street" by Sandra Cisneros. I have included the following vignettes: My Home, My Name, Midnight and Bumble Bee Drawing.

My Home

Growing up here, I hadn’t realized how unique and special this place really was. It’s a small yellow house surrounded by the field of my neighbor’s farm. Trees block the view of my house from the road but once you drive down the driveway, it is a giant open area. The house itself is turned sideways from the road and the bright red door faces our big barn that's covered in white chipped paint. I always wondered when I was little if they could see our house. They meaning those in the big city. Those who dwell in the tall buildings that look down upon the world. I wondered if they had a fear of heights and how many birds hit their windows and fell to the ground and if they knew that they lived in a structure of mirrors and especially, could they see me? I could certainly see them. My house is on a road off of Wattaquadock Hill. It apparently is high in elevation compared to the rest of the town and surrounding areas. I can see Boston. I can see it if I go into my parent’s bedroom and if I sit on their bed and look out the window. I can see it if I go to furthest point in my backyard and sit under the great big oak tree or if I go up between my house and my garden and look east. There are three main buildings I can see. There is one that must be made of mirrors because whenever the sun sets, the deep orange sun reflects off of the building and it looks like the building is burning in flames. New Years is my favorite. I can see the fireworks in person and then watch the same ones on our living room tv three seconds later. After the sun sets at night, we can see the lights blink and blink and blink from all of the skyscrapers we can see from the windows in our house. The view is always changing, whether it's the season, time of day or if anything new is built. I've always wanted to move far, far away. But in reality, I really love my house and I never want to leave.

My Name

My name is Margaret. Most people, however, don’t know that until my name is called for attendance during the beginning of class when we have a substitute teacher. They gasp and ask, “your name isn’t just Maggie?” “No, it’s not, it’s actually Margaret. Maggie is just my nickname.” I’ve had this conversation WAY more times than I would’ve liked to. To everyone, my name is Maggie. I don’t see why, but a bunch of people ask me why my parents even named me Margaret if they were just going to call me Maggie. (I have a few problems with this question; First off, I don’t know because I’m not living inside my parent’s brain. I wasn’t even there because it was before I was born when my parents were coming up with names for their me, their future daughter. Secondly, I don’t see why it matters to people that I have a nickname or why they even care. It really doesn’t effect them at all whatsoever. Lastly, maybe my parents didn’t know they were going to just call me Maggie?) I feel that the name “Maggie” suits me very well. Margaret is more old fashion. Maggie isn’t a very serious name and it means “pearl.” Also, I really like that Maggie isn’t an extremely popular name. I only know one or two other Maggies that are my age. I like that for most of my friends, I am the only Maggie they know. I think that’s pretty cool. There are three types of people when it comes to me meeting someone for the first time. First, there is the person that just says something along the lines of “Nice to meet you Maggie.” This is the normal person. Second, there is the person that will mistaken me for being a Meggie, Maddie, Meghan, etc. Last, and least favorably, there is the person that claims that their dog has the same name as me. When they hear my name is Maggie, it’s like a light switch in their head is turned on and all of a sudden they become extremely ecstatic over the thought of their puppy that they left at home. Their response usually goes something like this: “OH my GOSH!! That’s my dog's name! She’s s a cute little white puppy. She is SOOO small… about four and a half pounds. I’ve had her ever since she was a puppy! And she’s three! …. Oh my! She is turning four next Saturday! I can’t believe I almost forgot for a second there!” Okay? It’s just great to have the same name of the pet of a bunch of the people I meet! And I also love hearing the dog’s life story! I really do love dogs myself, but I just find it annoying sometimes having the same name as dogs. I can’t decide if it is a good or a bad thing yet...


Her name comes from the way anyone would describe her appearence. Given her name, her fur is the color of a midnight sky on a starless night. Though, she does have one very small patch of white hidden among the deep dark ocean of her silky coat. I would describe the small patch of white as the waning crescent moon on a very dark evening, at first it’s hard to spot but once you do it is hard to miss it the next time. Her fur is incredibly soft and silky like one of those faux fur blankets you see in every store during the holiday season. She has these two small ears that are little curved triangles on top of her head. Although having the least amount of fur on her body, they are the softest part of her. When she walks around our house, her tail goes straight up and curves a little at the top. It’s like a cane. Her eyes are a light green color that resembles the color of the water sitting in a Florida bay. Her eyes will glow if a flashlight or some car headlights shine on them at the perfect angle. They only shine for a second. They glow in the oddest way that no one could describe. And if your eyes connect at the very second her eyes glow, it is a very weird moment. Her eyes in daylight are pretty at first, but sometimes if you stare at her eyes for too long, they begin to look fake like two little marbles. They look like the eyes of a doll, but they are the eyes of a cat

Bumble Bee Drawing

We elected Mary as the judge. She sat up straight on the bar stool chair of her basement, cleared her throat, and announced the contest. Mary instructed us that the contest would be to draw anything we’d like to. I knew EXACTLY what I was going to draw. Being only six, I had very little experience drawing but I decided that I was going to win this contest. She handed us our papers and I went to work. I spent a good twenty minutes drawing the simplest bumble bee. I drew a round, yellow circle with smooth, vertical stripes inside of it. I then added a tiny head and some simple facial features. I added a few pieces of incorrectly colored dark, green grass below it and I was done. I held it up and admired my piece of art. WOW. That looks amazing. I was super duper proud of myself. I was so surprised of how something I drew actually turned out well for once. It looked like a big girl had drawn it! And I was still only a little girl! My confidence level skyrocketed and I handed my picture to Mary. Everyone else has already finished so she began to look at the drawings. After a couple of minutes, she announced the winner. “Annie!”

Annie?! Her drawing wasn't even as close to being as good as mine! I swear Mary only chose her because she's a big girl and no little girl wants to get on the bad side of a big girl. She handed mine back with a giant “2” written down in red marker with a giant circle over it. I couldn't hold it back… I just began to cry. I was crushed. Tears rushing down my face and I was so humiliated that I ran to my mom as fast as possible and she didn't even ask me what was wrong. I showed her my drawing that was in my hands and she said it was the best drawing she'd ever seen. After that, my drawing was hung in our kitchen for a long, long time and it was cut in an odd circular shape so that the big red number 2 in the circle was removed from the paper. And I was the winner in my mom and I’s minds.


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