Online Reputation By: Evan Goins

Before enrolling into college, around 90% of colleges check your social media, and it's not what you've just recently posted, they see everything you've ever posted. What you say on social media stays out there forever, and can really affect your future.

What you say on the internet can be taken the wrong way, even if you're kidding. You could be joking about a subject/topic, but if someone takes it the wrong way, your reputation could be ruined or accuse you of cyber-bullying.

I've never really said anything that bad on the internet but I have probably said some risky stuff that could have been taken the wrong way. I know some people that have got in trouble for saying something that may have sounded worse than it actually did and even if they were kidding. It can result in getting suspended in school, getting kicked off sports teams, and not getting accepted into colleges because of it.

This chart showed what jobs checked your social media in 2010 and 2012. The percentages have only increased since then, so be careful with what you post on social media.
Don't share or say anything innapropiate on social media because you could get in trouble with the police and get kicked off sports teams.

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