Good Life Tour of the HARN By: Teresa Cheung

Filaments of Light by Yvonne Jacquette (2000 woodcut) ; Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: "The Filaments of Light" is a painting by Yvonne Jacquette who created the artwork with the woodcutting style. No colors were used except the different shades of black and white from the carving. The artwork displays several buildings on the left, busy traffic through the middle and a body of water to the right. Seeing the artwork helped me understand and better appreciate the work by giving me a deeper connection with the artwork because of how close I was to the carvings. It gives me a faux tactile feeling of the city life and peaceful body of water that is demonstrated through the artwork which is relatable to the city life I lived in with in Miami. I found that the woodcut medium of the work and technique of the artist to be striking through how she manages to depict the busy traffic hours over time through something so simple like the different depth wood carvings of the lights. The technique communicated to me that a city has its lively side and quiet side as depicted by thew very few carvings on the right and frequent carvings in the left. The artwork made me feel nostalgic when I viewed it because it reminded me to Miami compared to the quieter life in Gainesville.
The Asian Collection and the Water Garden ; Design of the Museum: The wing of the museum that was particularly appealing to me was the physical connection between the Asian Collection with the Water Garden view. The design of this wing was particularly interesting to me because the oriental connection I have to the Asian garden to my family's Chinese background. I also noticed that the lighting is an exquisite addition to the Asian exhibit as well because it allows me to view the artworks from an interesting lighting perspective. The usage of the wide spaces and arrangements are also a thoughtful aspect of the wing that demonstrates the uniqueness of each artwork with the vast spaces. The exhibit makes me feel nostalgic toward my family's homes because my family's homes contained a similar design and garden.
Going to the Fair by Helen Hyde (1910 color woodcut) ; Art and Core Values: The artwork "Going to the Fair" by Helen Hyde represents the core value of of teamwork. The visual representation of the artist allows me to explore the core value of teamwork because the artwork depicts a group of people traveling together in a group. When it comes to traveling in a group, everyone has to work together to gain the sense of unity and progress to their goal. The artwork helps me further understand the core value of teamwork too because of how their traditional methods of transportation are completely different than of the contemporary world's methods of transportation. Traveling depicted in the painting is done by foot and even children were carried by the adults who also had to carry their supplies. It requires teamwork in order to provide these services as they travel. The emotions that the artwork instills in me is a sense of togetherness and awe because of how people are able to collectively gather to proceed to a goal. The artwork helps me better understand my belief that the world can unite at one table to discuss global matters like how a group of people can simply work together to relocateor venture to a new location.
A thanksgiving prayer to the Mixe god Kioga in gratitude for the good harvest, Oaxaca, Mexico by Sebastiao Salgado (1994 Gelatin Silver Print) ; Art and the Good Life: This artwork depicts two indigenous and marginalized men that are praying to the Mixe god. This artwork conveys the Good Life theme of "suffering" since the two men were marginalized from their community. The work evokes the theme very well through isolating the two men on top of a rock that seems to be on top of a mountainous region where not many people visit. The theme of suffering is communicated through how the two men are the only people in the artwork on top of the peak of a rock. The theme adds to my understanding of the theme through how suffering can be lonely and isolated at times or suffering can be experienced with someone that has dealt with similar dilemmas as you making it relatable.

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