The United States History 5 historical events

In 1492 a Italian man went on a dangerous trip to the unknown lands of the Americas. His name was Christopher Columbus and he made history when he landed in Hispaniola and he then went to travel around the Central and South american coasts.

This historical moment is the first time foreigners every nonaligned North and South America. It needs to be on the list because if it wasn't for Christopher Columbus we wouldn't have North and South America.

Christopher Columbus

In 1585 Sir Raleigh a Englishman was sent by the king to make a new colony named Roanoke. Roanoke later needed new supplies such as food and tools for it to be a new colony. Sir Raleigh and other people went back to England to get what they need. They came back successfully but there was no pedestrians everyone was gone not even any tracks except for on a tree and on a fence there was a word Croatian. But nobody knew what it meant even till this day.

Roanoke deserves to be on the list because it is one of the biggest mysterious and one of the first mysterious of America.

Sir Walter Raleigh

In 1607 England made a colony named Jamestown. Jamestown was the first England colony to be successful because the leader had a policy that you had to follow "No Work No Eat". It was pretty simple if you didn't work you couldn't eat because if you didn't work Jamestown wouldn't have been successful. The leader was John Smith he was known because he made that law for Jamestown.

This deserves to be in the list of 5 because it was the first colony that started America.

John Smith

In the year 1754 a new war started called the French and Indian war. It consists of America, France, the Indians, and Britain. America and Britain were together during the war. America and Britain did win but Britain was in debt because they had to fund two country's wars. After the war Britain made taxes for America so they could get money for their dept. America didn't like it so they protested and got there way after a while.

This war was the first war of America it deserves it spot because if it wasn't for this war we wouldn't be our own country.

This battle was the start of the revolutionary war. It took place in 1775. The battle was the second battle of the revolutionary war it was a couple hours apart from the first battle Lexington. In the battle it was taking place over a big bridge. On one side was the British the other side was the Americans.

This should be on the list because it was the first battle that the Americans won by themselves.

John Parker

This is the end of the slideshow. Those 5 battles or events had an impact on the United States today.

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