There is something out there Have you seen it?

Does Bigfoot Exist

Bigfoot is a big creature, with a lot of theories about what he is or even if he is real? Just by other peoples theories Bigfoot is a big creature about 8 feet tall and 500-600 pounds. His hair is brown/black and his hair is all over his body. Theories say he may just be another type of ape.

  • There is no fossils to prove
  • Bones of a wild animal should be present
  • Bones can be recycled
  • Some people haven’t even tried looking for any bigfoot remains
  • No one has captured one
  • There is photographs, videos, and sometimes even footprints but nothing definitive
  • Most knowledge comes from first hand reports
  • There has been many people who run into him but why to people with no cameras
  • An 8 foot creature should easier to track
  • Fossils don’t preserve well in forests
  • At least 10 sightings
Bigfoot sculpture

Bigfoot Doesn't Exist

  • Where is all the evidence, why can't we find any?
  • There is no fossils, even though bones and remains do preserve, we should be able to find at least something
  • Bones of an animal should be present
  • There is no evidence that apes ever lived in North America
  • People have come to say that they have ran into Bigfoot, but of course no one has a camera at that point in time, should we even believe them?
"Even a very primitive human species would be using tools and weapons, building fires, constructing shelters, and leaving other evidence behind for us to find."
  • How are there so many sightings but all at different places
  • If there were multiple in this species, why haven't we seen any baby ones?
Bigfoot footprint

Is he Alive or Not?

Bigfoot may be a Rare North-American Primate
  • Sasquatch and the yeti might have something to do with bigfoot
  • Great ape of some sort
  • Many scavengers to clean up the carcasses, may be the reason for no evidence
Is the Sasquatch just another species of human that has chosen to avoid us?
  • “Many Bigfoot witnesses say the creature is very human-like”
  • Could be a population of Heidelbergensis that migrated to North America

This would explain..

  • The intelligence level he is set to process
  • How he can survive in harsh climates by hunting
  • If Heidelberg learned to fear Sapiens it would make sense that it would try to hide from us at all costs
  • Heidelbergensis Know how to bury their dead which could be why their is no evidence
Is sasquatch a forest spirit
  • What if he doesn't really exist
  • Could be a spirit only certain people can see
  • Not even properly documented by scientists but can reveal itself to cars


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