Popular American Foods Brianna N. Mikkelson

1880-1910- . 1/3 people lived on farms, and ate the foods they harvested(wheat,corn,potatoes)

1899- Chemist David Wesson creates vegetable oil

1910- About 70% of Americans are using lard for cooking , and butter consumption is still at a high number

1900-1950- Many Americans were copying the fancy spreads Queen Victoria made. While this was going on, supposed health-food expert Dr. Kellogg was creating a meat alternative, corn flakes. C.W Post, a former patient, quickly rivaled him when Grape Nuts was introduced.

1911-1917- Right before, and during World War I , butter and eggs were in short supply, so Crisco offered an alternate to making caked during the war

1920-1950. They include dairy-free cheeses like Velveeta, canned foods, Jell-o, Kool-Aid, margarine, non-dairy whipped cream and frozen foods

1930- For the very first time, Margraine sales are higher than butter.

1937- Cottonseed oil consumption exceeds coconut oil for the first time, and continues in this pattern.

1940’s- Peanut butter is economical, popular, and a common food for soldiers during World War 2. Processed cheese is what Americans now eat. Traditional real cheese making has become less popular

1943- The US begins adding vitamins and minerals to bread and grain products to make up for lacking nutrients .

1948- Americans start to eat less animal fat and increase their consumption of trans fats.

1949- The pasteurization of milk becomes mandatory.

1940’s-1950’s- Natural and artificial flavors are invented. Bouillons and processed sauces take the place of bone broths and their nutrition.Cake mixes, instant pie and roll mixes become popular

1950-1960’s- The huge variety of processed and packaged foods increase, American families eating them all up.The backyard barbecue also comes into focus. Microwave dinners are launched with great success.

1953- Swanson introduces frozen dinners, modeled after the trays served on airlines, to serve their own purpose of using up an oversupply of meat, 270 tons of turkey.

1955- McDonalds and Ray Croc introduce the .15 hamburger as the “All-American Meal.”

1970’s- The post-Vietnam culture supports vegetarianism. The FDA rules hydrogenated soybean oil as “safe.”

1980’s- Buffalo, ostrich, antelope, and elk make a come-back, especially in certain restaurants, provided by small specialty farms.

1998- ConAgra’s ReddiWipp is super popular at this point.

1990’s to modern day- Organic farms rise up all over the nation,because most Americans want to know where their food comes from. Foods like oat bran, pasteurized orange juice, and breakfast cereals skyrocket for their health benefits.

2005- Trans fats and saturated fat are labeled together as “bad fats” by the FDA. Butter outsells margarine, for the first time since 1957!

2013- The American Heart Association continues to preach a low-fat, low cholesterol diet for curing heart disease.


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