Bombing of Hiroshima By Kalyn and Randi

(To the left: The Bombing) Hiroshima After the Bombing (To the right: The Bombing)
Where the Bomb Hit in Hiroshima
Where Hiroshima is located in Japan

Video (Little Graphic):

  • Who was Involved: Japan and The United States
  • What type of battle was it?: Air
  • What was the Goal/Objective of the Opposing Countries?: The US's goal was to get Japan to surrender to end World War 2.
  • Time Frame: August 6, 1945
  • Why was the Bombing of Hiroshima so significant?: Without the bombing of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Japanese was never going to surrender if we didn't bomb them and kill almost 130,000 innocent people.
(Hiroshima Today)

Why Did the US Bomb Hiroshima specifically?: To save american lives and stop the war, cause otherwise Japan wouldn't have surrendered.

What was the Outcome?: Mass destruction of Hiroshima, A loss of almost 130,000 innocent people, and the Surrender of Japan

  • The mushroom cloud resulting from the nuclear explosion over Nagasaki rises 18 km which is up to 60,000 ft in the air.
  • There was a warning sign of the bombing, the us air force dropped pamphlets in Hiroshima before the dropped the A-Bomb.
  • About 12 cyanide pills were kept in the cockpit of the Enola Gay if the mission was compromised.
  • Cyanide pills are suicide pills, also called as L-pills, Kill-pills, Death-pills, Suicide-pills, Lethal-pills

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