First of all, welcome to THC. This summer will most likely be the greatest summer of your life. A few returning support staff have written the following “helpful hints manual” to help new staff get ready for their first summer at THC. Although the Directors will be sending a bunch of e-mails to help you prepare for the summer, we have several tips and hints of our own that will give you a better understanding of what general camp life is all about. A few topics we’ll cover are:

  • Clothing lists
  • Orientation
  • Days/Nights off
  • Allow us to present further details about these aspects of camp.

Clothing lists

The clothing lists you’ll receive give you a good foundation in deciding what to bring to camp, however it is essential to remember various things including:

  • You will be supplied with 6 staff shirts – which are worn all day every day. Also know that your clothes may get ruined while working, so bring things that are not expensive.
  • The weather can change dramatically from sunny and 90 degrees one day to being cold and rainy the next, with evenings and nights dropping even cooler. Therefore, bring clothes that will cover all weather conditions.
  • You also may want smart or casual clothes for days and nights off, depending on what you decide to do.
  • Bring comfortable sneakers with you. It’s recommended to have at least two pair of shoes for work. Flip flops are forbidden in the kitchen, pantry, dining hall and dishwashing area (Crocs are ok).
  • Please bring a baseball hat, as everyone working in the kitchen must always wear a baseball hat.
  • Bring sunscreen!! It can get really hot at camp!
  • There is a staff laundry where you can wash your clothes, You don’t have to pay for it as long as you will finish your laundry around 12am. The only thing you need is your own detergent. (You can buy it during orientation trip to the mall)
  • You should take some medications with you. Although we can use the camp health center, there are some things they can’t help you wish and there is no point in bothering the nurses in some of the cases.


Once you arrive at camp, there will actually be about 10 days of what is called orientation which will cover all aspects of camp and what will be expected of you as a staff member. Support staff team will spend a lot of time preparing the kitchen, dining hall, laundry and campus while the camp counselors learn how to work better with the children that they will be living with and taking care of all summer. The Directors do a great job as often as possible to create ice breaker activities for all staff (both support and camp counselors) to participate in so we all get to know each other. It is VERY important that we as a support staff join the counselors as often as possible to make for the best summer possible. Kasia will explain to you also everything what is connected with your job and she will try to make you feel at home.

During orientation, you will have a chance to shop at Walmart for any items you may need for the summer that you may have forgotten or chose not to pack. Honesdale, the local town, is about 25 minutes from camp and has a Walmart & K-Mart, which of course has everything from clothing to bedding to toiletries. We advise that you take smaller sizes of toiletries to reduce luggage weight and buy more when you as you need it once you’re at camp.

Days / Nights off

Because we do not live with campers, we are off most nights once our jobs are done in the kitchen or at housekeeping. THC provides a bus 6 nights a week at no charge that can take us into town. In town there is:

  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Going for something to eat
  • The local Library (just kidding - bars)☺

IMPORTANT NOTE: When we return to camp at 12:30am, which is the camp curfew, we must report back into our living quarters immediately and from this point forward stay in for the remainder of the night. Words of advice - Be Smart!! Andy is a very nice employer and quite tolerant, but when it comes to staff coming back to camp loud and drunk, he’s pretty tough. For those that choose to stay in camp, there is a movie theatre to watch television and movies and a brand new state of the art gym for us to use whenever we want. You will have 6 days off over the course of the summer, which run from about 9:00pm on Tuesday night until 12:30am the next night. (27 hours later). This is your free time, so take advantage of it. Many of us staff will head off for the night and stay in a local motel, going out for the evening, going to the movies or out for a meal. The next day can be spent shopping, at local beaches or lakes or doing some sight seeing. Feel free to ask Kasia about any other ideas for days off which might include:

  • New York City
  • Boston
  • Washington DC
  • Toronto
  • Woodbury commons – world class outlet shopping
  • Hershey Park & Dorney Park -(Amusement Parks)

To rent a car you need to be 21+ and have valid driving license.


At camp you can spend as much or as little as you like, however if you go out every night off and spend all of your days off away from camp, be prepared to spend a lot. A local motel can generally cost between $60 - $85, although the number of people sharing the room will obviously reduce the cost. Costs for transportation, shopping, eating out and going to the movies can all add up, so be aware that time off may result in you spending extra money – so budget for this.

Other handy hints:

As much as it’s fun to go out on your time off, having plenty of rest is always a good idea as it can be a long and hectic summer with late nights and early mornings. Don’t burn the candle on both ends.

  • Arrive with a positive and enthusiastic attitude!! Although it’s hard work, if you put 100% into it, it will be the most rewarding and worthwhile 8 weeks of your life.
  • Seek the advice of returning support staff to gain insight while you’re at camp.
  • Please, do not take any hairdryers or hair straighteners because they won’t work and may cause fire.
  • You don’t have to take any blankets and towels with you – camp will provide everything that you need. If you will have any questions or you are not sure about something feel free to ask someone from THC office or email/facebook Kasia and we will try to make everything clear.

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