GIT Industry Panel Discussion Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Meet the Panelists

  1. NAKITA POPE | Brand Strategist at Branding Chicks / Professor & Diversity Adviser at Creative Circus
  2. JAMIE NUZBACH | Strategic Development Manager XD at Adobe
  3. CRAIG KEELING | Interactive Art Director at Fisher PHX / GIT Alumni
  4. JON GARZA | Freelance Artist and Designer / FA for GIT
  5. RAMI KALLA | Founder at Point in Time Studios / Animation, Video
  6. RYAN LOWRY | Design Lead at Ideas Collide / Creative Manager at PHXDW 2020

Panelists, how to you find inspiration?

  1. Surrounding yourself with great people
  2. Empower people
  3. Give back
  4. Mentorship
  5. Keep curious
  6. Be the SPARK that makes you you

Event Documents

Industry Settings Students are Interested In...

Answers from students, "What industry setting are you interested in?"

Design Disciplines Students are Interested In...

Answers from students, "What design disciplines are you most interested in hearing about?"

What's your favorite primary/secondary color?

What's your favorite design period pre 1950?

What's your go to sketching device?


“Did anyone else attend the GIT panel? I found it so inspiring! I feel so motivated to actually do all the project ideas swimming around in my head. Makes me excited for the future!”
“I really wanted to thank you for recommending the GIT panel that took place this evening! It was really interesting to hear the experiences from all these different industry leaders and I found it rather inspiring as I pursue a future career in the design industry.”
“Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice! I'm so glad I was able to attend. You were all extremely helpful and I really appreciate it!”
“Thank you all so much! Grateful for the advice and insight!”
“Yes, thank you so much everyone! You're all super amazing!”
“Thank you all for your time and all the great advice!”
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Christina Carrasquilla