National Day of Kindness March 15th

There is lots of hatred in the world, mostly over politics and little controversies. There should be at least one day a year where everyone can put those conflicts aside. This day is to focus on the good things in life and to be kind to one another. On this day, everyone will help elderly neighbors, homeless people, or simply just people in need of assistance.

Kindness is very effective on people and there has been many different studies of how it is beneficial. One researcher studied a group of people for ten days on their life satisfaction and they were told to do something different everyday to help someone. This investigation resulted in the conclusion that most of the participants were happier. After the experiment was over, they where each given money and some spent it on others as a result of remembering their kindness experience.

Did you know that sixty-five percent of people perform acts of kindness daily. This is a very good percentage but it could go higher and this could help decrease the number of conflicts. The number could increase greatly by just helping one person.

People who regularly perform an act of kindness may think of it as just beneficial to the recipient but that is untrue. When socially anxious people help a person it can be beneficial to them also. For example, if a socially anxious person has the courage to help someone it can make them more confident and happy with themselves.

It is a proven fact that helping random people can actually lower your blood pressure. This is possible by releasing a hormone called oxytocin which is a cardioprotective. It is easy to simply help someone across the road or lend them an umbrella. Why wouldn't you help people if it could benefit you also.

Scientists were very curious about how helping someone could help the giver for long-term. For example, when one with social avoidance shows kindness it decrease their avoidance. They are more confident at and are more capable of speaking to others.

People who are kind and compassionate are the most successful people. For example, if someone helps another or if people learn to be nice to one another then everyone would be more successful in life.

Children are influenced very early by what they see or hear. Depending on their parents actions, children will most likely have the same attitude. Teaching children to be kind increases their happiness and causes them be nicer when they grow up.

Whenever someone smiles they become happier and more positive in their life. When you help someone it makes them feel special and happy. If you show kindness to a person they might feel like they should pass it on to others.

People don't regularly win money so when they do they get very excited. Did you know that it is a proven fact that people who help others are as happy as when they win money. When you give to one it will cause you to feel good and give more in the future.

When someone helps another it causes a bigger affect on the world then they may have thought. The last fact is that when you perform an act of kindness it wears off on others. For example, if you pay for ones lunch the recipient may want to pay for another's lunch like a ripple affect.

In conclusion helping someone is not only beneficial to the recipient it is also beneficial and even health for the giver. It is easy and free to help someone so there is no negative side of kindness. Next time when you see someone in need take action and it may result in benefiting you and the recipient.

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