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Week 1

Self Portrait Natural Lighting Unnatural Expression

Week 2


Beginning Middle End

Week 3


Before this picture Sofia was laying on the ground and then Rose joined. They were just laying there and I decided to take some pictures. I asked them to make some faces at each other and then they started laughing. I then asked them to laugh or smile at each other and then I took this picture.

Week 4


My idea for this picture was to have Sofia stand in front of the pink flowers. When I looked at the picture afterward, I edited it and made the picture kind of pink to match the flowers.

Week 5

My social justice issue is going to be women empowerment. In my photo I hope to show that women are strong and powerful too. My plan is to take a picture of a couple girls with their fists up or flexing their muscles and photo shop the picture to be in front of the white house and use words to put words that explain the emotion.

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