Genetic Engineering By Isabella Meier

  • Genetic Engineers deal with DNA. They reconstruct the base of your DNA and introduces desirable traits.
  • A genetic engineer can make anywhere from $44,320 to $139,440, but the median wage was closer to $82,840.
  • Genetic engineers almost always work in laboratories because their line of work demands precise attention to detail and strict adherence to safety standard at all time.
  • The major job responsibilities is understand and work with a precise and highly complex subject matter and they must extend their work timings in case of need in special projects.
  • There will not be a demand for this job in the future because more and more people are becoming interested in this topic.
  • To become a genetic engineer, you need at least a bachelors degree in biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, or molecular genetics.
A genetic engineer at work.

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