Oregon State Innovation By Justin agidius

The Nike swoosh was invented by Carolyn Davidson a graphic design student at Portland State University. Phil Knight approached Davidson in 1971 to craft the logo. Davidson was only paid 2 dollars an hour to make it. in total she made 35 dollars.

Phil knight Carolyn Davidson and the Nike logo

Phil Knight and his coach started Nike. Phil was a track runner while his other Co-owner was his coach. Bill Bowerman was Phil's coaches name. The company wasn't fully established until May 30th 1978.

Why was Nike named Nike? Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory. Nike is also known for her Traits of swift running and flying. Nike was originally under the name of blue ribbon sports. When Jeff Johnson became the first full time sales man he told the owners of a dream that he had about the goddess of victory Nike. They liked the idea so much that they changed the name of there business to Nike and added the Nike Swoosh to its first shoe.

Nike's first shoe.

Weird Facts about Nike

  • The slogan "just do it!" came from a serial killer who's final words were "lets do this!"
  • Nike sells approximately 900 million things of merchandise each year!
  • Nike owns 62% of the athletic shoe market!
  • Nike has won 2 Emmy awards for their commercials in 2000 and 2002
  • The companies first shoes were made in a waffle iron because it made the tread that they needed for there athletes.
  • the first retail store was opened in California not in Oregon
  • the air Jordan line was only supposed to get 3 million dollars in sales it ended up getting 110 million.
Air Jordans

Nike has helped Oregon a lot. They make the jerseys for the Oregon Ducks and have stores all around Oregon.


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