Who Am I? Hailey berg

Table of Contents

  • Who Was I
  • CIS Results
  • My Careers
  • Education
  • Future Work Place

Who Was I?

  • Strengths included helping people and efficiency
  • Weaknesses were never saying no
  • Plan was to attend college for health care
  • Goals were to graduate and get a job

CIS Results

  • More social than other aspects
  • IDEAS was high in investigation and Social
  • Career Cluster high in health science
  • Work Importance is recognition and relationships

Nurse Anesthetists

  • Administer anesthesia to patients
  • Earn $160,043 a year
  • Graduate from a master's program
  • Be a licensed nurse

Programs of Study

  • Advanced nursing
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmocology


  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Physicians' office


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