Lightning & Thunder How do weather conditions create create thunder and LIGHTNING? what areas of the world get the most lightning? what are the dangerous effects of lightning and thunder on an ENVIRONMENT?

What does it take to create thunder and lightning?

Lightning needs moisture and a unstable atmosphere.

What is an unstable atmosphere?

An unstable atmosphere is an atmosphere that is very low and it is so hot it continues to rise.

What area of the world gets the most thunder and lightning?

Venezuela has the most thunder and lightning in all of the world because the area has lots of participation and an unstable atmosphere

How many people die from lightning each year?

Lightning kills bout 27 people per year. Lightning kills more people than tornadoes!

What can lightning lead to?

Lightning can lead to flash flooding, strong wind, and hail!

How do you create ecstatic electricity?

When you shuffle your feet on carpet and then touch meddle what happens, well you just created ecstatic electricity, which shocks you! you just made a electricity.



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