BIG Funnel The fuck?

Landing Pages


  • You want one goal and one call to action per landing page
  • There should be a clear flow from the ad to the landing page to the thank you page
  • DMS will be responsible for designing landing page wireframe (use rocketbook)
  • DMS will submit copy for landing page for review using the copy submissions button

Landing Page Examples

Email Campaign

What is it?

It’s what introduces a subscriber to the emails they’ll be receiving. Studies show that the better your welcome campaign is, the more likely someone will purchase and continue reading your marketing messages. Creating a three-step welcome campaign gives us the opportunity to track the value of the email addresses we’re adding to a client’s list, especially if they aren’t immediately sending broadcasts. It’s basically a series of automated emails.

Best Practices

  • Reaffirm that they’ve made the right decision in providing you with their contact information. We can assume that they don’t already know the business so this is the first opportunity to build a relationship.
  • Let them know their contact information is safe.
  • Provide value immediately. Insert lead magnet here.
  • Tell them what to expect. The information or offer provided in the welcome series needs to be consistent with what you promised on the ad and/or landing page. Include details on future content, frequency schedule and information that will be shared.
  • Use personality and tailor the message based on context. If you can think of a way to provide engaging content - do it! This could be a poll, quiz, video, etc.

Examples of Good Welcome Series

Facebook Ads

Design best practices

Best Practices (Adspresso)

Copy best practices



Audiences best practices

  • Start broad and try to simplify as the analytics show you (age, gender, location, interest)
  • Reach 1000 people as fast as possible, analyze the results (CPM, Relevance, CTR, CPC)
  • Place a pixel on every page
  • Track the traffic and retarget accordingly
  • collect custom audiences and create lookalikes based on the encouraged behavior
  • exclude conversions
  • once you have at least 100 conversions, use look-alike audience of conversions

Examples of good Facebook ads


Kup A Joe

For the purpose of this L&L, we’re going to assume that Kup a Joe’s initial offer is going to be $10 off $20 purchase [promo code: 10OFF] and the follow-up offer is going to be 20% off purchase [promo code: Christa12345]

Landing page design: shannon, rachel, mike, jen

Facebook ad copy: alex, lauren

Facebook ad design: amanda, marco, sunil


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