Caption Writing Trystan Neff-barrett

Ali watches as Jasmin builds the top of the spaghetti tower during the first round of building. "All I wanted was for it to not fall apart" Jasmin explains the pressure to make the perfect top of the tower.
Ali places the second story of the tower on top while being extremely careful so make sure that it didn't crush the underpart during the last few seconds on the current round. "I felt that the pressure was on, and that if I didn't do this right it would come tumbling down" Ali explains afterwards.
Alora and Ali use teamwork to stick the two peices together and make it secure enough to stand. "It was hard but we did it" Alora exclaims afterwards happily.
Alora starts the foundation of the building. There were complications causing it to start to fall apart. " I felt that it was up to me to make this correctly and it didn't work out." She said when it broke apart.
Ali breaks apart spaghetti to make help make the top of the tower. "This was a crucial step because if it wasn't even then the top would have been uneven" she explained afterwards.
Alora decides what length to make the spaghetti for the foundation of the building. "This was important because it had to be even with the rest of the building" she exclaimed.

***All quotes used in this project are made up and should not be used against the individuals named.

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