How to HEAL THE WORLD BY:√°lvaro m

I'm goIng to talk about the endaNgered animals. Today many animals are disappearing because the humans are killing them, but THIS it NOT ALL , the BLAME OF these are the factories, the polution are toxic for the animals.

The cause of the die of the animals aren't only the polution, there're anothers causes:

The destruction of the natural habitats:

The fires in the forest, caused a loss of trees and a loss of habitats. These are caused for the uncontrolled bonfires that can be dangerous for the forest. In most places the bonfires are forbidden.


This is one of the most important disappearing of animals in the worlD. the cause of this are the humans because the excesive kilL of a kind of animal can produce the disappearance of these Species . Usually The humans kill rhinos or elephants to get ivory.


The cLIMATE CHANGE is the most important thing BECAUSE the global warming THAT produce the human's cars, faCTORIES and machines, causes a lot of pollution. THIS bringS the melting of the poles, the loss of vegetation and the rise of the tides.

To end this presentation, I`m going to show a video explainig more this theme in depth.

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