Bert Gallery Online Viewing Rooms

Bert Gallery online viewing rooms give a closer look into the variety of subject matter, style and avenues that artist explore.

The Providence School

The Providence School contributed to the Regional American art scene. Explore many of these artists along with their paintings and achievements. Understand the local creative community within the context of American art historical developments.

Provincetown: A RISD Summer Retreat

Attic Sale Gifts - $350 and Under

The Providence School Masters

'Tis the Season

Inspired by the Sea

George Whitaker

Nancy Elizabeth Prophet

James Herbert

Post War American Painting

Connoisseurship: A Closer Look

Not all is at it appears! Over years you develop and learn to take a closer look and examine what makes a painting great or why the artist is clever or why a body of artwork stand out.

Carmel Vitullo Mini-Photo Prints

Charles Walter Stetson

James Sullivan Lincoln

DISCOVER: W. Feldman

Discover Walter S. Feldman (1925-2017) A long life does not make an artist but a legacy of striving for artistic excellence during a 53-year career at Brown University marks a special talent. Discover the art of Walter Feldman from his 1950’s modernist paintings and prints to his offset press artist books of the 21st century.

Post War New York

Selections from the 1958 Kraushaar Art Gallery Exhibition

1956 Providence Art Club Exhibition

1950's Woodcuts - Part One

Small Paintings 1950's

ATTIC SALE: Early Feldman oil sketches