Gil Vicente By: Zachary Stroebel

  • Biography- Gil Vicente was Born 1465-1536 in Guimarães. He spent most of his life in Evora Portugal where he worked as a writer and goldsmith. Maritime Vicente taught him as a dramatist and was his uncle/adviser while he was young. Gil was very into the arts and theater but also did some gold smiting in his time. Although he is more famous for his writing. He Wrote religious plays like Auto da Sibila Casandra, Auto dos Quatro Tempos, A Trilogia Das Barcas and he produced a comedy Quem tem Farelos. The Courts of Manuel I and John the III were his patrons and performed some of the plays he had made, Gil moved with them when they went to Coimbra. The main Isms he used were Naturalism and Idealism. This is because he wrote things like they were he didn’t try to sugar cote what he wrote and he wrote about heaven and the perfection and beauty of it.
  • A Trilogia Das Barcas was written in the early 16th century you can buy it this book on Amazon The significance of Trilogia Das Barcas is it is very religious. It is about Ghosts getting chosen to go to hell or heaven but only a few get chosen for heaven. This book is one of Gil Vicente best writings. The judges send most people to hell accept 4 knights who were fighting for christian faith. This play represents the importance of the afterlife to the Christians in this period and it gives the people an image of what the Afterife is like. The -Ism that is most closely related to this book is Naturalism. This play closely relates to Naturalism because it is about the (reality) of the afterlife. It doesn’t only talk about heaven and the greatness of the afterlife it also goes into detail about Hell and the terrible things that go on there. This piece is super interesting to me because I never had a full view of what the christian afterlife would be like but now when I think of the afterlife I think of it like this book has described. I feel like you would be very nervous when your with the judges deciding whether you will be happy or suffer the rest of your life. If your interested in this book you can buy this book on a kindle soft cover and hardcover on
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