Napoleon's Three Mistakes By Bryton and abel

The Continental system

The basic idea of the continental system was to make a blockade to prevent trade and communication between great Britain and other European nations. but the blockade was not strong enough. it was bad because it weakened the economies of France.

The Peninsular Campain

The main idea is napoleon sending troops to invade Spain. He then took over the Spanish territory and crowned his brother as king. This made the Spanish people mad and forced them to attack the french. This was bad for napoleon because it made other countries mad at frane.

The Invasion Of Russia

Napoleon invaded Russia because he was mad at Alexander. So Alexander brought all his troops back to Moscow and burned all the crops so the french wouldn't have anything to eat. They finally fought and Napoleon made Russia retreat. But instead of giving up Moscow Alexander burned Moscow to the ground. When Napoleon's army got weak from starvation Alexander attacked and killed his men. This was bad for Napoleon because his army got destroyed.

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