Coronavirus Diaries April 19 - 25 Rachel Brennan

April 19, 2020 - Sunday

Another week in quarantine finished and going on the sixth week of the extended break. Teachers have been trying to find a way to continue the fourth quarter with all of us being home and without the usual resources we have. The fourth quarter grades are going in as complete or incomplete and all we need is a passing grade for the class which I think eases the stress from trying to complete everything correctly for every class. And because we aren’t in class being taught the material, having the grades for the fourth quarter pass or fail makes it easier to complete the homework as there isn’t as much pressure to do everything right.

I did some more online shopping today because I have nothing else to do during the day since the workload for school has been lighter and I need something different to do. My dad and I have also been doing a bunch of puzzles lately and tonight, he got out a bunch of different sized Disney puzzles that we’ve had since I was little for us to do. We’ve probably done around fifteen puzzles, as we have nothing better to do and stay up late finishing them.

April 20, 2020 - Monday

My mom ran out to Target today to get a few things we were running low on and also bought one of the huge Lego Millennium Falcon’s. My dad and I, whenever we would run out for a bit would say we want to build it one day. We’ve just never had the time but now, since we’re stuck in the house, we started it tonight. There were ten bags of legos and 438 steps, and we were able to finish the whole thing in a few hours even though we thought it would be a multiple nights project.

One of my dad’s girls from his soccer team, their birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to do something for them, either buy or make something. And I finally decided I would draw a picture of her playing and put it in a frame for her to set up. It’s not anything big but I still wanted to do something for her.

We now aren’t going back to school for the rest of the year and finishing the year online. Even if stores and things start opening up on May 1st, being back at school with hundreds of kids all day is different. Plus, going back to school at the beginning of May would only give us a few weeks there so it’s just easier to finish everything online this year.

April 22, 2020 - Wednesday

It’s already Wednesday. Sitting around in the house all day makes all the days run together. And I feel like I’ve not done anything the past few days. I’ve been binge-watching a lot of shows on Netflix lately. I finished Russian Doll today -- my dad recommended it to me and said he really liked it -- and I thought it was a pretty good show to watch in quarantine because it’s a quick watch. I also started season 13 of Supernatural as I’ve been re-watching it and I’ve gone through almost 10 seasons while watching other shows and movies during quarantine. And tonight, I started re-watching Atypical to have something different to watch.

It was nicer today so I got to sit outside in the backyard a while. I hate being stuck in the house all day but being able to go out in the backyard and sit around makes it easier to only be able to be at my house the entire day.

April 23, 2020 - Thursday

I completed the second season of Atypical tonight even though I started it just last night. I worked on my research paper for English while watching it and got a lot of other school work done today. Doing everything online is nice because I make it fit into my schedule and do it whenever I have time or have the motivation to do it. But having everything online also makes it hard to keep track of all the assignments and messages because teachers are posting work and just expecting us to know it’s there and needs to be done.

We had the Zoom meeting tonight with the girls from my dad’s soccer team and it was nice to be able to see all of them again. This spring season was going to be the first season I would’ve been there most of the time for their practices and games, and I’m bummed that I’m missing out on it but hopefully, we’ll maybe still be able to have a spring season at some point.

April 25, 2020 - Saturday

Last night, I would’ve gone to the Wicked performance with my best friend but for obvious reasons, it was canceled. So instead, I was at home re-watching series on Netflix because I have nothing better to do. I hate that the things that I was looking forward to have been canceled or postponed until a very later date. I also might be losing a concert scheduled for June because it’s a small area with lots of people.

I gave my dog a bath this afternoon because one, she really needed it and two, I haven’t done anything but play on my phone and watch TV all day so I figured I would do something somewhat productive. We also spent a lot of time outside again today because it was so nice.

I miss when things were normal and can’t wait for everything to reset. I’m hoping most of all this will be gone and the virus won’t be something we have to worry about by the time summer comes around because I really want this summer to be a good one especially after everything with Corona and quarantine and losing the rest of the school year. Usually, soccer or concerts or hanging out with friends are the highlight of my week and are some of the things that I really look forward to; those things are what get me through the week easily, knowing I will get to hang out with my friends or see the girls completely crush another team during a game.


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