2017 AACP Awards showcasing the academy's excellence in education, research, scholarship of learning and community service

Robert K. Chalmers Distinguished Pharmacy Educator Award

S. William (Sandy) Zito, Ph.D., senior associate dean and professor

St. John's University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"Dr. Zito is recognized by one and all as a multi-talented (but humble) academic leader of substance. More than that, he is valued as a kind and approachable colleague who is sincerely interested in the careers and academic wellbeing of others. He has made innumerable friends through his involvement in AACP, and colleagues stop him in the hallways, seek him out at receptions, tap him after program sessions, and otherwise make contact with him to solicit his insight, opinions, and assistance in their own professional development/advancement planning."

- Victoria F. Roche, Ph.D., professor and senior associate dean, Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Paul R. Dawson Award

Eric W. Schmidt, Ph.D., professor

The University of Utah College of Pharmacy

“Eric Schmidt’s career as an academic scientist is the embodiment of intellectually distinctive and creative science. He is recognized by distinguished scientists at leading institutions in the world as one of the truly innovative, interdisciplinary scientists working at a unique interface of chemistry, genomics, ecology, and therapeutic discovery that he created. His program has brought considerable recognition to the University of Utah, and one can only imagine the impact his research will have in the future.”

- Darrell R. Davis, Ph.D., professor and chair, The University of Utah College of Pharmacy

Volwiler Research Achievement Award

Palmer W. Taylor, Ph.D., Sandra and Monroe Trout Professor of Pharmacology; Founding and Emeritus Dean

University of California, San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

“Palmer Taylor has taken his life-long career interests in pharmacy to contribute most significantly in advancing cutting-edge pharmaceutical sciences research and education. In research, his contributions have been to discover new knowledge in molecular pharmacology, pharmaceutics, drug modeling, biomarkers, laboratory techniques, toxicology on the environment, and to bring collaborators together, across the campus, the country and internationally to understand fundamental science and resolve therapeutic challenges. In education, in addition to his personal teaching and mentoring of pharmacy, medical and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows, he has been the driving force of a sustainable academic center in the University of California San Diego, in the Health Sciences, the UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, to educate and train the next generation of pharmacy clinicians and pharmaceutical scientists who will carry on the work of providing care and exploring the continuing challenges of disease and their cures.”

- David S. Adler, Pharm.D., emeritus professor, and Brookie M. Best, Pharm.D., professor and associate dean; University of California, San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Lifetime Achievement Award

Nicholas G. Popovich, Ph.D., associate dean and professor

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy

"I have been very fortunate to understand my true meaning in my professional life. That is, being an educator and attempting to be a blessing to our profession and those whose lives I have touched. A blessing is defined as something conducive to happiness. My hope is I have been a blessing to our association, academic pharmacy, and most importantly to the students I have served. Indeed, when the individuals whom I have served reflect back on my influence in their lives, my hope is I have left them with an indelible mark characterized by excellence and devotion to our profession of pharmacy and the patients we serve."

Lawrence C. Weaver Transformative Community Service Award

The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

"The outreach and engagement efforts at the Ohio State University College of Pharmacy encompass all of the main areas of faculty life: teaching, research, practice, and service, while providing a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable patient populations.

In the state of Ohio, 51 of 88 counties are medically underserved, including key urban areas in Central Ohio as well as most counties in Southeast Ohio. The rates of chronic disease, such as diabetes (10%) and hypertension (24%) are higher than national averages. Columbus is a key site of refugee resettlement, and has a large immigrant population. Ohio is also a hotspot for the nationwide opioid crisis, creating the need and opportunity to address this devastating public health issue on a state and national level. These combined scenarios create an epicenter of need for team-based care provided to underserved individuals as well as public and professional education in the region, across the state, and nationally.

Ohio State has integrated service with education in the curriculum through a variety of means including Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs), Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs), and Community Health Services hours. Since June of 2010, students have contributed over 53,000 hours through rotations and students average over 8,000 outreach and community health service hours each year. The outreach and community health service hours provided by our students occur in six different free clinics, through community health screenings, brown bag events, and education efforts. Our community practice partners have been integral to our shared success."

- Henry J. Mann, Pharm.D., dean and professor, The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Rufus A. Lyman Award

Casey E. Gallimore, Pharm.D.

Andrea L. Porter, Pharm.D.

Susanne G. Barnett, Pharm.D.

University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Pharmacy

The paper, “Development and Application of a Stepwise Assessment Process for Rational Redesign of Sequential Skills-Based Courses,” seeks to develop a stepwise process to assess students’ achievement in course learning objectives, ensuring their preparedness for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) and informing the redesign of sequential skills-based courses.

“This manuscript presented a series of well-designed systematic qualitative and quantitative assessment methods (student and preceptor focus groups, electronic surveys and course evaluations) used to evaluate and redesign sequential skills-based courses within a Pharm.D. curriculum with the goal of preparing students for their advanced pharmacy practice experiences. The significance of this approach was that it enabled the investigators to identify strengths and weaknesses in an original course design affecting student performance competency in critical skills, which could be addressed in designing new laboratory courses. Congratulations to Drs. Gallimore, Porter and Barnett for their excellent contribution to AJPE!”

- Gayle Brazeau, Ph.D., professor and dean, University of New England College of Pharmacy; and editor-in-chief, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

All awards will be presented at Pharmacy Education 2017, July 15-19,

at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Stay tuned for registration details.

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